Patent Vs publication of your research work

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I have come across so many students of M.pharm and phD, who are crazy about the publication in national as well as international journals. But they forgot the research value of their hard work. Publication just give them a list of publication with his/her name and nothing else as a motivation. second thing any one can use that research data and manipulate for his own purpose either commercial or non commercial. This happens because students are not aware about the patent system and its importance. Patent is a form of intellectual property rights and it can give you both economic and name fame at international level. Patent filing process is very simple and cost effective in india. Also one can do his publication, once patent has been filed. so he gets double benefits. If the research work is genuine, there is chance for licensing the patent rights with industries as well. But when you wants to file a patent of your research work, dont go for publication early. Keep your work with you and your guide only. Take the help of patent professionals to go for patent filing to avoid any legal problems later. Please feel free for any type of guidance related to patent filing.

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