Bedford Labs gets US FDA nod for Sumatriptan Succinate inj in pre-filled syringes

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Ohio based Bedford Laboratories, informed that the company has further diversified their product offerings with the addition of pre-filled syringes. FDA approval has been granted and Sumaptriptan Succinate injection, 6mg (base) / 0.5 mL pre-filled syringes are now available. This is a very important product addition to their expanding portfolio of products. Sumaptriptan Succinate Injection is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine attacks with or without aura, and the acute treatment of cluster headache episodes. (Soorce:Pharmabiz)

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Sir, Pre filled injection can please elaborate that line.I mean if its pre-filled then how about its storage etc like issues. Regards,


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It means the dosage form is already filled in the syringe according to the dose of drug. At the time of administration you have to just remove the pack and inject to patient and throw the syringe. Storage of Injectables will apply here..

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