FPGEC new regulation...

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The Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committe (FPGEC) recently made new regulation regarding FPGEC certification . Starting from January 1, 2012 there is going to be some limitations on the maximum number of times that one can take FPGEE. All current and new FPGEE candidates are allowed only five attempts to successfully complete the FPGEE. Once the FPGEE is passed, it is then valid for five years. It seems this five years validity period applies to current candidates who have already passed the FPGEE but have not got their FPGEC certificate. It has been like that here in Canada where PEBC (Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada) allows only 3 attempts to pass the exams. That is bit challege for candidates who are planning to take licencing exams here in Canada. As I know, for the same reason, many of them moved to U.S to make their way easy to go through this licencing process... but now..it seem to be pretty much same challenge still with better option of five attempts. If anybody is more curious about what is going on ...plese check NABP website at www.nabp.net/programs


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