Migraine Psychological Treatment

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Dear Friends and

We have come a long way
in migraine treatments.......Here one more treatment for migraine problem which
is behavioural and psychological treatments....

Let me share some
points on the same..,...


Psychological and
behavioral treatments are more effective for migraine due to stress. Actually
they are not popular like other treatments. The efficacy of the treatment can
be known by recording the intensity and duration of headaches along with the
medication daily in a dairy. Various psychological treatments commonly used are
as follows.


This process involves
alternate relaxation and contraction of
particular group of muscles. This method brings control of muscles and awareness of tension
along with relaxation. The persons are given a training related to calmness,
warmth and heaviness that helps in relaxation. Guided imagery treatments help
in engaging the persons in a series of exercises which help in visualizing
themselves in settings related to feelings of warmth, safety and tranquility. These
settings may be created by the physician or recollections of the person. They
also teach abdominal breathing which helps in decreasing hyperventilation and
provides relaxation.

Biofeed back :

This method involves
amplification and display of visual or auditory physiological events.This helps
in altering the physical process that are involuntary using various means
available. Autogenic responses related to warmth are provided for thermal
biofeed back. Thermal biofeed back, EMG biofeed back of frontal muscle and
cephalis artery BVP bio feed back are commonly used for migraine treatment.

Stress coping training:

This method helps in
coping up with the stress conditions by establishing a relation between
cognition and stress. The persons learn to monitor their feelings under stress
and try to reduce the negative thoughts and improve positive thoughts.

Treatment for children:

All of the types that
are discussed above can be used for treating migraine in children. All these
types aid in reducing the frequency and duration of migraine attacks.

Treatment for adults:

Migraine attacks are
found to decrease after an age of about 45 years. In case of adults also all
the three types can be used for migraine treatment.

Menstrual migraine:

Thermal biofeed back
and cephalic artery biofeed back can be used effectively for menstrual

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REF: GJ Reid, PJ McGrath,
Psychological treatments for migraine(Biomed & Pharmacother 1996;50:58-63) (accessed on 10-10-10)

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Author: Vijay Chand


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Dear Vijay, These psychological treatments are used for every stages of maigraine or these will be found more useful during early stages? Regards,
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The psychological treatment is especially meant to relieve the stress, which is one of the trigger for migraine headache.This kind of treatment is valuable when the person is under medication.I think this treatment will be helpful in any stage. Regards mystery of migraine

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