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Skills test 2010 has come to an end, but my journey of gaining knowledge and knowing new things has just began. This for sure is endless as knowledge is an ocean.

Coming to skills test, it was a well planned and organized competition that introduced us to make our works plagiarism free bringing out the best out of us. The difference was quite evident when I see my first blog and the blogs posted in the later months.

Every blog was a lesson, and had something to teach that made the next blog even better.

I cannot stop myself from praising my team leader, my Sir, Mr. Amol Malpani whose guidance and suggestions laid a perfect and strong track for my successful journey throughout this competition. The time period of the competition made us pass through some real hectic schedules during the examinations, but one good thing that happened was that, I realized that for every person 24 hrs of time is more than enough to do any amount of work, provided it is planned out well.

A special applause to the PHARMAINFO.NET team for introducing such a platform for students that exposed us to the actual pharma world, updating every aspect the new discoveries happening around at the same time protecting us from the evil of plagiarism.

It is this one year that will always remind me that I was under the guidance of some excellent professors like Vijayaratna Madam, Lakshmi Madam, Telny Madam, Habib Sir, Roja rani Madam and all. Dear Sir/Madam our relationship should never end here, because people like you are very much required for building up a good career with strong base.

The most interesting part of this competition was the voice recording. This part was not only a test for our communication skills but was also successful in bringing out a teacher in all of us. I really felt, hearing once to such lecture was enough to gain command over the topic.

I specially thank all my pharmainfo friends who have been with me throughout the competition sharing their questions and answers making some new ways of learning things. All you guys made this competition not only healthy but also very interesting.

Every month passed very excitingly with new topics, book pages, surfing the net, searching books and finally the deadlines for completion with everybody trying to put their best in blogs. Their hard work and interest projected in every blog that was posted.

I shouldn't forget to mention two people working on and off screen who worked out to bring the best from us. One was KHAN Sir whose challenges were the root cause of whatever compliments my blogs received. The other person was VEGE sir whose thoughts really inspired me to do something for the upcoming pharmacy students.

It was a great feeling to have learnt so many new things under such wonderful lecturers in just a short span of time.

It gives me pleasure in thanking you all for the support and I wish all the teams participating in skills test 2011, ALL THE VERY BEST.

I promise you all will end up with the same feeling as we did.

Thank you

Signing off,



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P.V.ABHIGNA's picture


V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Hi Abhigna, What all you said was right and we too feel the same! You have been a splendid co-learner to compete with! Nice to meet you!






P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear Aishwarya, It was a pleasure meeting you guys and yes you all made the competition very healthy.Thank you. Regards,


Rajav Ardhana's picture

Hello Madam,you are making your blogs very color full.May i know how to make that text into colors.Help me by telling How to make that different type blogs. Thank you madam...
Uma Pratyusha's picture

Hi Abhigna, I am glad to meet you and I hope this interaction with you would continue even after the competition. Your blogs were very informative and in an easy way to understand!


Uma Prathyusha

P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear uma prathyusha, Thankyou very much for staying with us and I promise I will be there always ready to share any kind of knowledge with you all. Regards,


S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Actually i was waiting to see your conclusion blog. I must say you have done awesome job throughout the year. It was good interaction with you in this platform as you mentioned this is real starting point for further developments. The interaction will continue further in this platform. All the best for your bright future. You can do everything .....Keep the integrity with you always.....
P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Sir, I was very happy to see that you waited for my blog.All the work I did is just an exposure of what I got in this competition. Thanks for your valuable support. Regards,


A.R.Khan's picture

You have a great future . Please keep up the good spirits.
P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Sir, Thankyou very much for the support you rendered to me.It was very amazing facing all your challenges and equally happy when I reached them successfully.once again thank you very much sir. Regards,


Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Abhigna Your are very dynamic and your blogs are very interesting. You and your leader have contributed richly to the success of this platform. Well done. All the best. Vijaya Ratna
P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear madam, Firstly, All that I gained is jus because of you people.I will always be thankful to pharmainfo for introducing me to people like you. Thank you very much for the care, concern and support that you rendered throughout this competition. Regards,


TK Indira's picture

The way your team made the blogs was really unique and colorful that can reach all the minds easily. It can be possible only with lot of hard work. Congratulations for your success. Keep it up!!! We are happy to have a co-competitor like you and hope we will continue the same in future.

T.K. Indira.

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

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