Six Sigma tools overview

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Various Logistic and statistical tools used in Six Sigma1,2 -

5 Whys

5 Hows
Axiomatic design
Brain storming

Bench marking

Catapult Exercise on variability
Cause & Effects Diagram (Fishbone Diagram)
Chi-Square Test

Control Charts
Correlation and Regression
Cost Benefit Analysis
CTQ Tree
Customer Output Process Input Supplier Maps
Customer survey (voice of customer)
Design of Experiments
Failure Modes Effects Analysis
General Linear Model
Homogeneity of Variance
Monte Carlo Simulation

Process Maps
Pugh matrix

Run Charts
Thought Process Map


1 ) (accessed on 21 July' 2010)

2 ) Nunnally BK, McConnell JS. six sigma in the pharmaceutical industry. CRC press, London. 2007.

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Good attempt.The list is quite informative but a brief introduction of each tool should make it more effective blog (at least 2 or 3 lines)

T.K. Indira.

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Hi Indira, I also feeling bad but the reason for not explaining these tools is some tools I can explained in 2-3 liines but some required graphical or pictorial representation otherwise it will not understand. I hope you understand my limitation. In future days (after completion of this contest) our team will try to explain some of important tools in detailed. Thats what we planned and thus I restrict it by only mentioning names. I will appreciate your suggestion. Thanks a lot. Regards,


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Hi Abhigna, Very colorful blog but a brief explanation about it would have been very nice.


Uma Prathyusha

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Please see an answer for Indira's comment. Thanks,


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