Critical Care Medicine - Risk and Benefits

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Hi Guys, i am sharing presentation by Mr. Gonzalo Rubinos Macias recently in our college (RIPER). This presentation is a sensible evaluation on drugs used in Critical Care Medicine. The focus of this presentation is on 'risk benefit assessment' of the drugs used in ICUs. Therapeutic decision making is depending on many factors including its cost and affordability. This presentation explains very practical approach for the use of Analgesics, Sedatives and its adjuvants in Critical Care Medicine. About the author: Mr. Gonzalo Rubinos Macias is a registered nurse from Hospital Saint Pau, University of Autonance of Barcelona, Spain. He has done his masters in Critical Care Medicine and now pursuing PhD in Critical Care Medicine in Developing Countries. He is working as a nursing volunteer to RDT Hospital, Bathalapalli, A.P. He has also taken few seminars to the nursing and pharmacy fraternity in RDT Hospital and Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research.


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