Analgesics : Chemistry

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This lecture is part 3 of Pain and its treatment . In this lesson you can learn about chemistry, synthesis , and metabolism of analgesics such as Acetaminophen, Salicylates, NSAIDS, Propionic Acid Derivatives (“Profens”), Indene & Indole Acetic Acids , Phenylpyrazolones, and COX-2 Selective Inhibitors .

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K Ramesh's picture

The part - 3 completely related to Medicinal chemistry, partially related to Pharmacology. Its little bit boring for me,as i am belongs to Pharmaceutics. I have attended 3 parts of presentation. Please let me know whts the next step. Kindly suggest and teach me the presentation skills for journal and Article


Aravindsai's picture

these are being designed for undergraduates so it can be boring for you to listen the same story again.


Seema Meena's picture

good one i enjoyed.good informative.


Anusha's picture

sir , i want presentation on analgesic(non opioid),and anti pyretic . these presentations are not opening on this computer please send it to my mail
Padmaja's picture

its really good..easy 2 know and learn....

Regards Padmaja.K

Anudeep Reddy's picture

your Presentations are really amazing.thanks

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