How Can You Study Pharmacy in the Philippines ?

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about  Pharmacy Entrance Exams in the phillipines

Few months before graduation from High School, or Secondary School, students can apply for entrance or admission examinations from prestige universities in the Philippines and choose the college courses or degrees they want to attain. For Pharmacy Entrance Exams, test application printable forms are available online. During admission application, though, the enrollee must personally send his credentials including birth certificates, recommendation letter from the previous school duly signed by the school registrar or school principal and copies of recent 2"X2" pictures with white background bearing the student's printed name and signature at the back. Entrance Exam fees, ranging from PhP450-PhP P550, are paid upon submission of the application for admission and are non-refundable. The schedule of examinations will be announced 2-3 weeks before the actual exam date so students from all over the Philippines, especially those from other regions, can prepare for the test. Meanwhile, there are designated "testing centers" for students residing and studying outside of Metro Manila. Approaching college freshmen have the options to attend a review course. Amongst the popular Pharmacy Review compilations is the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) reviewer by McGraw-Hill. Likewise, the most attended review course for Pharmacy is the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) review. It is a qualifying test rendered to students who dream to study in the University of the Phillipines College of Pharmacy, one of the best pharmacy schools known to produce top notch candidates in the Philippine Pharmacy Board Exam. By all means, thanks to technology advancement, Pharmacy-aspiring-students now also have the privilege to check out some online sample test questions or questionnaires thereby promoting confidence and knowledge to the applicants. As opposed to the earlier years, students only depend on self-review in determination to take Pharmacy in college. Unlike nowadays, for instance, self-assessment modules about Algebra, Chemistry, Basic Mathematical Operations, Anatomy, Basic English Communication and Comprehension skills, and a lot more, are obtainable from the internet. Passing the entrance exam is just one thing. Completing the 4-year-course and earning the degree in Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy takes a more challenging and crucial turn of the course. Fortunately and interestingly, schools like University of Santo Tomas grants the applicants, who are unable to pass the pharmacy exams, to select a "second course choice" other than Pharmacy should they prefer to stay. Later on, they can apply for shift of course to Pharmacy. Usually, the lists of names of successful pharmacy student applicants who pass the exams are posted in the allocated schools, but are available online too. Those who are not qualified may be added to the "waiting" list. Chances of being accepted may depend on the available slots for courses offered but will not necessarily be appointed to BS in Pharmacy. Enrollment follows soon afterward. Students will then become part of the forthcoming Registered Pharmacists of the Philippines after having completed this 8-semester-degree with 960 hours of Internship and passing the Philippine Pharmacy Board Exam. Suggested Reading :


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Dr Rezahaider's picture

Dear Pintado Sarah Mae, I would like to thank you for your informative article on steps of studying pharmacy in Philippines. Recently, one of my cousin wanted to study pharmacy. Luckily, I went through your article yesterday. I have some query regarding studying pharmacy in Philippines. Is there any opportunity to study pharmacy in your country for international students? If yes, What are the admission requirements? What exam does an applicant need to pass in order to practice as a pharmacist in the Philippines? What are the career opportunities for graduates of pharmacy in the Philippines? I wish you all the best in your coming writings. Have a nice day. Dr. Reza


Pintado Sarah Mae's picture

To Dr Rezahaider: Hi. Thank you for checking my post. I am happy to share some info about your queries Re: Admission Requirements Kindly check this link for complete information (from Department of Education website),%20s.%2... Re: What exam does an applicant need to pass in order to practice as a pharmacist in the Philippines? Pharmacist Licensure Examination held twice a year by under the supervision of Professional Regulations Commission Re: What are the career opportunities for graduates of pharmacy in the Philippines? He/She can work in Drug outlets/establishments, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing companies, educational institutions Cheers, Sarah
A.R.Khan's picture

Hi Sarah, My friend is US Citizen. He was told he could study pharmacy in the phillipines and practice in the USA that true. Is there any NABP approved pharmacy college in the Phillipines ? Then he could skip FPGEE and write NAPLEX exam directly ... Appreciate your input.
Pintado Sarah Mae's picture

Hi Khan, Anyone who is a Registered Pharmacist in the Philippines can work in the United States but MUST pass the FPGEC (Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee) Certification Exam in accordance to the requirements and standards observed by NABP. Cheers, Sarah

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