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An Ultimate Response: Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ held on 13th Nov 2010


2 Organizers…

3 Districts… 

13 Colleges…                 

13 Teams (13x4)…                  

14 rounds…                  

33 Volunteers…                   

200 participants…                    

Startling Prizes…                     

Pretty certificates…                      

Tasty Snacks…                       

Awesome Dias…                       

Inspiring Guests…

And many more….

On Overall – An ULTIMATE RESPONSE… A Block Buster!

A most memorable day in the life of a participant,

A sparkling event in the field of Pharmacy & A motivating reality show for everyone.

[swf file="ppresentations/Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ.swf"]

The moment there is an inception of Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ - the beats of the pharmacos hiked, the arrangements were challenged, concepts were raised, intellectual ideas were seeded and restless efforts were made.

Pharmainfo.Net and RAGHU College of Pharmacy are the Hosts in organizing the PharmaQUIZ.

Three districts namely Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam were allowed to participate in the PharmaQUIZ and total 13 pharmacy colleges sent their teams each comprising of 4 members from final year and 3rd year B.Pharmacy.

Sun rise started on 13th Nov 2010, PharmaQUIZ alert was rang, A/C Auditorium started getting decorated with beautiful seating
arrangement & colorful balloons, step in by charming participants, energetic volunteers, registrations continued and finally PharmaQUIZ was
inaugurated in the noon by Mr. Eswar (Quiz In-charge & Co-ordinator) and the program continued by Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna as Quiz Master. Total program was designed on LCD projector.

Total 3 phases were designed as Prelims, Semi-finals and Finals. Every phase was taken utmost care with innovative rounds and every round as well as every question was asked purely based on unbiased lottery method.

Screening was done as 13 teams (Prelims) to 9 teams (Semi-finals) to 6 teams (Finals). Finally 1st place, 2nd place and 3 rd place winners were announced.

Pharmacos Team receiving Certificates, Light House momento, Startling Books from Honorable Guests.

Pharmacos Team receiving Certificates

Pharmacos Team receiving Certificates

Congratulations to the WINNERS of Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ – Vignan Pharmacos Team (M.Trilok Chander, P.Geetha,
Pratyusha Bala, M.G.V. Krishna) from Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology, Visakhapatnam.

Congratulations to the RUNNERS of Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ – Quanta Pharm Team (K.P.Sri Harsha, R.S.R.Mohan Reddy
Narla, P.Kranthi Sagar, S.Jitendra) from Yalamarty Pharmacy College, Visakhapatnam.

Congratulations to the FOLLOWERS of Trimer District Level PharmaQUIZ – Avengers Team (P.Ravi Vamsi, Ketan Pareek, T. Mallika
KiranMai, T. Rajya Lakshmi) from Visakha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Visakhapatnam.

Teams that given tough competition to the winners in Final phase include:

The Pioneers
Team (Rajan Raju, K. Praveen, P. Madhuri Aparna, I. Madhuri) from Raghu College of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam;

Team (Santosh Kumar. Jh, T. Kiran, J. Phani Kumar, D. Swain) from Andhra University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Visakhapatnam and

SRCP Challengers
Team (Rishita Buddha, Sweta Agarwal, S.V.Dhanalakshmi, M.Manjusha) from Srinivasa Rao College of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam.

Actively participated teams include:

Team (Botcha Satya Narayana, Duddu Midhun Kumar, Korada Venkata Geervani, Ratnala Sravani ) from Sri Venkateswara College of Pharmacy,

PharmaLeos Team (S. Praveen Kumar, I. Sowjanya, K. Sudeep, P. ChandarShekar) from Maharaja College of Pharmacy, Vizianagaram;

Team (Y. Ashok Siddha, V. Jaya Lakshmi, V. Mary Mrudula, S.S. Navya Lakshmi) from Gokul College of Pharmacy, Vizianagaram;

Quiz Rangers
Team (M.S. Karthikeyan, K.R. Koteswara Rao, Y. Vishnu Bhargav, Y. Nethra Vani) from GITAM Institute of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam;

Ambi Dexters
Team (Krishna Kishore. V, K. Sravani, B. Vijaya, K. Sai Amrutha) from AQJ College of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam;

Meticulous Maverick
Team (Ch. Prathiba Anusha, S. Karthik, B. ChanderShekar, A. Ramesh Naidu) from St. Ann’s College of Pharmacy, Vizianagaram and

Madam Curie
Team (P. Asha Ratnam, B.M.J. Lakshmi, Rithi Kajuria, K. Srikanth) from Bhaskara College of Pharmacy, Vizianagaram.

In the evening Valedictory ceremony was inaugurated by inviting and honoring:

Chief Guests:

Sri R. Uday Bhaskar, Asst. Director, Drug Control Administration, A.P.

Dr. K.V. Ramana Murthy, Professor, Andhra University;

Sri K.Raghu, Chairman, Raghu Educational Institutions;

Dr.J. Vijaya Ratna (Quiz Master), Professor, Andhra University and Dr. Jagadeesh Panda
, Principal, Raghu College of Pharmacy.

Momento’s presentation to Guests and Quiz Master

Momento’s presentation to Guests

Momento’s presentation to Guests

Momento’s presentation to Guests

Dignitaries delivered their inspiring speech addressing the gathering. Certificates, Momento’s and Prizes were awarded to the 1st winner
and 2nd place winners. Certificates and momento were awarded to 3rd place winners. Participation certificates were awarded to
all the participated team members.

Program was concluded with Vote of Thanks by Mr. Eswar.

All the gathering dispersed with lot of happiness and cheers on their faces.

The whole PharmaQUIZ news was published by Eenadu, Sakshi and The Hindu News Daily.

Supporting Team (33 Volunteers):
Covering - Public Relationship committee, Registration committee, Decoration committee, Press and Media committee, Banners and Posters committee,
Paper setting committee, Hospitality committee, Video and Photography committee.

  1. Smt. Naga Padmavathi
  2. Mrs. Roja Rani
  3. Mr. M.V.Kiran Kumar
  4. Ms. T. Sudha
  5. Mrs. K. Padmaja
  6. Mr. G. Eswara Rao
  7. Ms. B. Radha Madhavi
  8. Mrs. Mary Sulakshana
  9. Mr. Inuganti Srinivas
  10. Suresh Kumar.Upadhyayula
  11. A. Janardhan
  12. Ch. R. Naveen
  13. Santosh Kumar. Jh
  14. P. N. Sarma
  15. Lakshmi Narayana
  16. S. Ramya
  17. Satrugna Simharaj
  18. V. Kranti Kumar
  19. S. Shishir Dev
  20. V. Bhavani Prasad
  21. Y. Sai Kuldeep Roy
  22. SV Padmaja
  23. R. Tejaswi
  24. Aravind Pradhan
  25. J. Manoj
  26. S. Satish
  27. M. Padma Rao
  28. K. Praveen
  29. KVR Sudheer
  30. P. Chandra Sekhar
  31. P. Vasu
  32. R. Babji
  33. VBS Aishwarya
  34. BYK Sruthi




Raghu College of Pharmacy Building

Raghu College of Pharmacy Building


GPAT Coaching Institutes

  • Wingate, Visakhapatnam
  • Vinex, Visakhapatnam
  • Pharma Academy, Vijayawada
  • The Hyderabad Academy, Hyderabad
  • Pharmula Academy, Hyderabad
  • Elixer Academy, Hyderabad
  • Pharmatutor, Bangalore
  • Essence Academy, Hyderabad
  • Masters Academy, Hyderabad

Posters of our Sponsors

Posters of our Sponsors

Organizers and Quiz Co-ordinator thank each and every volunteer, media and sponsors.

We congratulate all the participants for their active participation.

About the Author

Eswar GsnkRao's picture
Author: Eswar GsnkRao

I am serving as Asst.Professor at VNIP and working towards my Ph.D . I would love to help pharmacy students (Yes ! GPAT also) and share whats happening in Pharmacy Colleges world. You can ckeck my GPAT Quizzes (FREE to practice) and book chapter about Pharmacy Courses in India (and jobs after courses)

If you would like to publish your college events, please email me eswar @ and i will share in my blog.


Sirisha Pingali's picture

November 13th made my day. Really i have attended many quizzes but never seen such an informative and innovative competition. It took 6 long hours to complete the entire test. Even the quiz master was very active with the teams. Totally the event was first class.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Amol Malpani's picture

Dear all, Nice to heard about such good and successful event. Keep it up. Regards,
kranthi kumar's picture

This is one of the best event that I ever attended so far. Right from the notification till this very presentation of the report, everything is so awesome. I know for sure, this is a inspiration and provoking moments in lifes of many students and the teachers. Hope to see many more events like this.
Ranga Raju's picture

I am one of the team members in the pioneers team. During prilims and semifinals our team won maximum marks unfortunately in finals during Association round we lost points and missed beautiful prizes. However we received cute participation certificates and gift vouchers. I enjoyed the whole quiz and innovative rounds.Particularly i was awesome with shuffling round,missing round,abbreviation rapid fire round. I congratulate the organizers for conducting such a thrilling and inspiring event. We are ready to participate in such events if organized in future also. Regards. Rajanraju .CH

Rajan raju

Roja Rani's picture

As a Score Board incharge in the District Level PharmaQuiz I was very happy being a part of that event. The colorful gas balloons, neat seating arrangement with professional look, ID Ccards to teams, participation certificates to all, Free entry to all and each and every step impressed me a lot. I enjoyed being there throughout the day. Speech by Guests is thought provoking. Congrats to Organizers and Quiz Incharge.


Mrs. Roja Rani

Trilok Chander's picture

Hello everyone..this is Trilok from Vignan.. I was introduced to this competition by my friend santhosh..i felt very excited to participate in this. I enjoyed a lot all along this event. It was poise, innovative, amusing, a perfect blend which involved all the fields of pharmacy. I feel fortunate to meet Prof.Vijaya Ratna madam under this roof.I truly relished the way our quiz master Prof.Vijaya Ratna madam took over this event. It just went on like a normal discussion imparting no stress. I was very much inspired by the propelling speech by the chief guest R.Uday Bhaskar sir. It was our team effort to stand first in this event. No one is superior over there. No team is a weak team. Everyone participated actively, answered effectively. I congratulate all the participants for participating in such a great event and exposing themselves to this scenario. I feel much obliged to the CREATOR of this event, Eswar sir for conducting such an awe-inspiring event. We hope to see much more of this kind sir. I thank Raghu College of Pharmacy and the other sponsors for the exciting gifts and nice ambience.
Mohan Reddy Narla's picture

Im very happy to share my views on the quiz competition. We started the competition at 12:30 pm and completed it at 5:30 pm.such a long participation....but it made our day as we got 2nd prize. Each and every round was worth remembering...such an interesting rounds.I could not forget how we discussed among our team mates while answering the questions....we named our team as "QUANTA PHARM".That very moment is precious. I wholeheartedly thank Eswar sir for encouraging us...always he had a special interest on our college. I wholeheartedly thank Vijayaratna mam for her extreme cooperation in making this competition stress free. Speech by Udayabhaskar sir is of great use for us.It changed our mindsets. I finally thank Raghu college of pharmacy and for organizing such a awe-strucking quiz competition. I await such competition..


Ravi Vamsi's picture

i felt very excited to participate in such a competition which was perfectly organised and presented . i am very fortunate because my friend told me about this competition only before the day of commencement or else i would have missed out a flabbergasting competition . the rounds were so exciting with all sorts of new innovations . i am very fortunate to meet prof.vijayaratnam madam whom i admire the most . the competition was successful because of a perfect planning and organisation only because of my dearest sir koteshwar rao sir . thank u sir for making me a part of this competition . i am very happy because we ended it by winning third prize P.Ravi Vamsi
malika kiranmai's picture

november 13th was my greatest day as i stood third in pharma quiz held by raghu college of pharmacy.i am very thankful to my sir sri koteswar rao garu for encouraging me to participate in such a fantastic competition which included all kinds of innovations of all my co students and organising committee made the participants to realise their eternal caliber . i felt very excited to meet my role model professor vijaya ratnam madam who organised the quiz very well . looking forward to participate in more of these competitions T.Malika kiranmai
Pratyusha Bala's picture

Competitions and quiz events are part and parcel of my school days when we used to fight and win.. once into the graduation,life has been all books and exams with little application.. I heartfully thank the organisers of this event Trimer pharma quiz Mr.Eswar sir, Raghu college and for conducting such an exciting and knowledgeable event which caused an adrenaline rush in our nerves and made us think quick.. Our quiz master Vijayaratnam madam is too good and very energetic through the programme.. It is great joy and pleasure to say that we won the quiz but it is a very healthy and tough competition till the last round.. The whole event is well organised and 5 to 6 hours seems like no time.. Thankyou all who made the event so knowledgeable and interesting and thanks to my team mates for making ourselves on the winning side..
Sravani kompella's picture

I am really very happy for being a part of this beautiful event. I was really excited on the day...At the beginning all the faces were filled with tension but the quiz was very interesting as it went on...I have never seen this kind of quiz..It was really a very memorable day for me.I thank the organisers and the innovative minds behind the quiz for giving everyone a nice opportunity .
satrugna's picture

I thank our teacher Eswar sir for conducting a huge competition for pharmacy students. Though i am not in the team for the competition, i had a chance to be a part of this exhilarating event. I thank Eswar sir for giving me every oppurtunity to share my part in each and every event being organized by our college. I had a great time watching the quiz and our quiz master Prof. Vijaya Ratna Madam made the quiz more interesting. I congratulate each and every participant and winners of the quiz for being a part of this event and I also take my immense pleasure in congratulating my teacher Eswar sir for being a part of our college for conducting interesting events and filling enthusiasm in students. I also thank my Principal Dr.Jagadeesh Panda for supporting us.
KRISHNA's picture

sir, i am extremely happy in participating trimer quiz organised by you.i is a huge sucess even though you havent collected a single penny from the students.i really back the concept and the way you have organised.even though we have been eliminated in preliminary round, i personally felt that im playing final round..that much joy and entertainment along with knowledge we had... i regret for taking the competition as light since my mind set was to participate and not to win..after seeing n participating, each and every moment i felt that a little preperation would make our college to go to the next round.but anyway im happy to be part of it.. i really enjoyed it.i also liked prof vijaya ratnam madam to be as a quiz master.her dedication and interest paved and motivated me to answer without hesitating... The venue,colourful balloons what not i enjoyed every part of it. im eager to participate in any of the competitions n make others to participate if organised by you. sir, the certificate with photo is also appreciable as others cant make a duplicate of it in their name. coming to snacks which is offered twice is so tasty,and one dissapointment i had was, you invited us to participate and didnt asked us to be part in hosting this event except raghu we are also your gate students it would be nice if you would asked us to do what all we can do in making it still a huge success. i also thank you for allowing third years in participating n finally the day was really auspicious to me throught the 4 year of my study. thank you sir for your patience in going through my lengthy mail thank you once again bye sir, your belowed student, krishna kishore.v (AQJ College of pharmacy)


Krishna's picture

PHARMA QUIZ very colorful and vibrant event won the hearts of budding pharmacists of three districs.1st of this kind bringing 13 colleges on a single platform and eswar sir bags the entire credit for instauration of this kind of event and making it an eclat. i thank organisers on behalf of our student community for coming up with such a good idea and entreat eshwar sir to continue conducting this kind of events. regards


Venkata Ram Sudhir Kakarlapudi's picture

i enjoyed a lot , i had a good interactions with other college students. speech by R.udaybhaskar inspired me a lot and hope to see many more events like this


Bhavani Prasad.V's picture

Hello everyone..

This is the "Timer Boy".(just kidding). My role in this event was to check out the time limit for each question. So I named myself like that..;)

Well to say about the event.. It was superb. Every round was very exciting. The frequency of excitement was directly proportional to time I must say. The most interesting round that I felt was "Missing letter's" & "Shuffling letter's". In shuffling letter round the letters went on jumbling round the screen which caught almost everyone's attention I guess..

At the end of the event, the speech given by Uday Bhaskar sir was very exhilarating and stimulating. The way he expressed his views on current situation of pharmacy profession, his concern to develop scope and everything. I was very much inspired by his speech..

Finally that event has made an amazing camaraderie between many budding pharmacist like me..;) I must thank Koti Eswar sir for making me to be part of this event..

Wishing to have much more events like this in future..:)


Bhavani Prasad.V

Mary Sulakshana Palla's picture

I am very happy to be as member in your supporting team.Though i was unable to attend the programme(i missed),Its really a wonderful event conducted by you sir. each and every rounds were so exciting through which each n every one will enjoy a lot and so inspiring.and moreover they gain a future i wont miss it again. sulakshana

Regards Mrs. Mary Sulakshana RCP

Sudha Thamarapalli's picture

Ever since I knew about the contest, especially about the innovative rounds in it, I was super excited. Each and every round was distinctive. My favorite rounds among them were Odd man out round, Voice block round, Pharma movie round, Photo round and Shuffling round. The venue was vibrant with colorful ballons, and ofcourse with energetic students. The center spot of the competition was the quiz master Prof. Vijaya Ratna Madam. The entire competition went on exuberantly. Speech by the guests added essence to the event. I congratulate the organizers for conducting such competitions and also I convey my applauds to Koti(eswar) sir who not only dreams but also works on it IMMEDIATELY.. Regards, SUDHA.T



Geetha Pericherla's picture

Hello everyone.. I am very happy to be a part of this event. It was designed to perfection right from giving id cards to the design of questions. Here i would like to quote a line.."Change the way you see the world"..I believe that this generates excogitation. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to ESWAR sir who made the students know their latent potential in such conditions. I am delighted to see the fantabulous environment which aptly suited the play. I had enjoyed each and every round especially the 3rd round. Presentation is definitely not an easy task. This was made as a child's play by our quiz master Prof.Vijaya Ratna madam. I thank each and everyone who worked hard to plan and execute this event.I am glad that our team won the first place and we received galvanizing gifts. Frankly, till date and to my knowledge this is the only educational event which called for participation, application of the knowledge without taking a single cent from the participants. I am very much grateful to the sponsors. Expect nothing and life will be velvet... Regards..


Ketan Pareek's picture

well, this was one of my best moments i have experienced. the event was organised very efficiently. im very thankful for eswar sir for oransing such an awesome event. i was also delighted to meet the stalwart of AU, prof vijayaratna madam who beautifully conducted the quizz. on the whole it was a terrific event!!


Kranthi Sagar's picture

the trimer level quiz that has been conducted by on the behalf of eswar sir is a memorable event. its quite a challenging and breath holding quiz for all the participants. as whole the event brought an integrity from the on going graduation pharmcists together and im grateful to be a part of it. and i thank eswar sir as well as for giving me such a great oppurtunity and hope in future we would see many such events. Im glad to be a part of it and once again thank all those who organised this event with great effort.

kranthi sagar

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