Skills Test 2011

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Challenge for Leaders and Learners

Contest for Pharmacy Professionals and Students

The competition involves testing Learners outstanding communication skills (writing, speaking), interactive skills, planning skills, knowledge sharing skills and Leaders coaching skills.


Laptop to Winners Team Leader

Video Camera to Team Leader (Second best team)

Consolation prizes (5): IPC 2011 registration charges or equivalent conference registration fees in their respective country*
To the Individual participant who will show the best performance throughout the span of the contest.

Last date for receiving applications by email (contests @ ) Nov 30th, 2010

second prize : camera

*conditions apply

1) What is this competition?

Selected teams ( Leader+ Learner(s) ) will have to write on different topics (of their choice and/or theme of the month) consistently. Examples of themes : Diabetes, Transdermal drug development, Controlled drug release, spectroscopy, etc .

Example of Leaders: Teacher,Professor,or a professional working in pharmaceutical industry .
Learners : Students, Professionals working in pharmaceutical related industry.

a) What is the composition of team ?

A typical team should consist of at least 1 Leader and 1 learners (up to 3 learnes in a team allowed).

b) Any specific topics?

We would like to leave the option to selected teams. Examples of topics but not limited to: activities in your college, state and country, Scientific topics, About your college/professional friends and their achievements, pharmaceutical related information you come across, about competitive exams you are studying etc

c) Where should we write?

We will provide access in and you need to post them directly at your convenient time.

2) How to apply?

Last date for receiving applications by email (contests @ before November 30th, 2010.

1) Brief resume with photograph of all the members of your team

2) Short write up on 4 topics (should be brief) a) What is a blog b) How can you use blogs as a tool for sharing scientific knowledge c) How to write scientific information without plagiarism d) Any topic of your choice

3) Supporting letter from college dean.

4) Profile pages links of the teacher and students with photos on their profile pages (You can create profile page by registering here )

3) How do you select initial teams?

Based on the applications we receive, we will select initial teams based on a) quality of the information on 4 topics we provided b) supporting letter from the dean and c) other independent internal parameters we use.

4) How does this competition works?

Competition starts on January 1st, 2011 (based on application received by (November 30th, 2010 ) and ends on November 30th, 2011. During this period selected teams should keep writing and posting their opinions,information collected or comments to the space we provided in (Yes ! You need to have internet connection and you will be managing your account like posting your written matters) .

5) How do you select final winners from these teams?

Winners will be selected on various factors like number of posts posted, quality of posts, diversity of posts, comments to others posts, and last but not least quality of comments posted on other teams blog posts. There is also possibility of selecting team of the month with special prizes. Leaders should provide guidance/coaching in the form of comments npt only to their team but also to other teams.

6) Leader (Guide/teacher) also need to post?

Yes !. Everyone one in the team needs to participate . Guide needs take leadership in posting and providing comments to his team members and also other team members (Yes ! Needs to display excellent coaching skills consistently). Leader MUST post at least 1 post a week .

7) Is there any registration/entry fees for participation?

NO. We do not expect any fees from the participants.

8) Any suggestions for participants?

Try to form a team from different classes . This way your team participation will not be effected by exams

Any questions , Please post here

About the Author

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Author: Admin 123


Pusapati Ravi Teja's picture

Sir,is it compulsory that the leader of the team be a teacher? Shouldn't any one of the students be the leader?

P.Ravi Teja

Admin 123's picture

You could, but he must have at least Masters Degree in pharmaceutical sciences. PhD student can be a leader.
NILESH PATIL's picture

Admin 123's picture

Person who completed masters degree can be a leader. PhD students can act as leaders.
NILESH PATIL's picture

Admin 123's picture

Five consolation prizes are intended for learners only. Also there will be bunch of monthly gifts .
Mr Sita Sharan Patel's picture

can i get certificate for participation.

pradeep kumar reddy

K Rajakrishna's picture

respected sir, i am interseted in participating in the contest. please be kind enough to address my queries. 1) can an team consist of the team leader and team members of different colleges? 2) is there any word limit for writing an short note on the four topics provided by you! (escpecially on the fourth topic) 3) the short note on the topic 4 is just an summary of the presentaion which we are intented to present right? 4) when will be given the presentation area to upload the full article? i would be very thankful to you! rajakrishna
Admin 123's picture

1) can an team consist of the team leader and team members of different colleges? YES ! Team members can be from different college. In this year (Skills Test 2010), we already have team like that (Team "Atharvana"") 2) is there any word limit for writing an short note on the four topics provided by you! (escpecially on the fourth topic) No word limit . Short is sweet . We will check for your english writing skills and especially it was written on your own or not . We do not encourage copy & paste tigers . 3) the short note on the topic 4 is just an summary of the presentaion which we are intented to present right? Not really . Its again to see your creativity in writing the topic of your choice. I am not sure what you mean by presentation. When we have lot of team applications, we will select teams based on above four topics. Please note that not all teams applied will not be selected for the contest. 4) when will be given the presentation area to upload the full article? You mean to say ???? I am sorry ..i did not get it.
K Rajakrishna's picture

4) the fourth topic i.e "d) Any topic of your choice". i that case should we present a short note or an complete information!. rajakrishna
Admin 123's picture

short note is better
K Rajakrishna's picture

does the leader of the team should also produce the supporting letter from the dean????.
Admin 123's picture

If all from one college, Dean could include all in one letter. If all from different colleges, then need to produce supporting letter from the deans of respective institutions.
balaji's picture

i am working in pharmaceutical organisation. can i have the eligibility to participate in this session. If i am havinhg the eligibility please forward the application to my mail id. and also tell me that can i have my friend as learner for this skill test. with regards S.Balaji


Admin 123's picture

Yes you can !
Mridula jayaraman's picture

dears we promise to give our best views and informations regarding pharmacy world and would try to fulfill each and everyones views

mridula jayaraman

Pharma Wings

Admin 123's picture

Looking forward to receive your team participation.
K Rajakrishna's picture

i have a querry, as given in the instructions that we need to send an short note on the four topics! in case of the fourth one do we need to send an complete information or a summary type short note. as you have told that if the team is selected we would be getting an place to blog, does it means that, when we get an place to blog then we have to upload the whole information or do we need to give an complete information in the fist mail for the selection itself! actually i am trying to prepare an review on a topic of my interest. i have a doubt in the quantity of submission as the whole article or just a short note type. i hope i am not bothering you a lot!... thanking you rajakrishna
Admin 123's picture

First send us short notes as indicated. I am sorry .i really did not get what exactly your question is.
Amol Malpani's picture

Dear Ramakrishna, As a part of previous version of skill test 2010 let me try to help you out. You can write detail information for topic afterwards when your team is selected in real competition in the form of blogs. For now, just prepare a proper summary in half page along with remaining three topics and send to organiser. Sorry for the interference in this section but I hope organiser will not mind it. Best of luck. Regards,
Shruti Priya's picture

This field is inlaided with lots of enthusiasm...........but still needs recognition among various medico professionals..............hoping for it's great future......i would like to give my best to it.

Shruti Priya

Avadhut G Kale's picture

respected sir, i am interested in skills test, pls tell me that can i register tomorrow (on 1st dec.). my team is ready & i will complete all the formalities tomorrow. please inform me about the same.,

A. G. Kale

Admin 123's picture

Sorry . Please try next year.
Ankit's picture

sir,we r interested to it possible?

hi sir, i have participated in skills test 2009 and have been an active participant.presently i finished my b.pharm and not yet joined m.pharm........can participate in skills test 2011 along with my past team members?
Maanasa's picture

i am doing my b-pharm(3rd year), i was awestuck by the pharma glow contests mainly skill tests and want to join these.. i request you to let me the details for getting into skill test.. am i eligible for this?


Maanasa's picture

please let me know how to participate please reply me..can't we participate single?


Siva Mavuduru's picture

Hi maansa I am a participant of skillstest 2011 and you cannot participate all alone. you need to have a guide and then learners (students up to 3 members). we cannot participate in the middle of the competition and i hope the next skills test will notified soon in the coming months.
Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

U must have asked me earlier in the beginning of this year....and u can do it in the next year as the skills test-2011 is coming to an end by november 2011. PHARMA WARRIORS

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