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First Prize


Dr. J. Vijaya Ratna (Andhra University),Santosh Kumar JH (Andhra University) ,V. Niklesh Rao (Vignan Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology ), and V. Kranthi Kumar (Raghu College of Pharmacy).

Second prize


Amol S. Malpani and P.V. Abhigna of Vikas College of Pharmacy, Jangaon, Warangal, A.P., India.

Consolation prize winners

Habibur rahman , P.S.G.College, Coimbattore

P.V.ABHIGNA, Vikas College of Pharmacy

Active participant award winner

T.K.Indira ,G. Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy, Hyderabad .

Particiaption certificate

Spandana , Vijay Chand, Telny Thomas,Aparna Sannapu,M Leela Keerthi,Shanthi priya, Bhavani Prasad.V,Roja Rani , V.B.S.Aishwarya , and Uma Prathusa

Winning moments in winners words

1) Its great surprise

2) A wave of silence and violence touches my mind.....very emotional

3) Flash of Delight!!!

4)Plan for Success

5)Double Bonanza

6)Great feeling......

7)Lucky opening!

About the Author

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Author: Anonymous (not verified)


Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

I am extremely happy about our team being declared winners. I was very greatly thrilled and ovewhelmed with joy when it was declared that we were winners, in a function in Raghu College and I was presented with a laptop, as the first prize. I humbly thank my teammates, for contributing richly to this success. I thank the organisers for arranging this nice competition. Thank You. Vijaya Ratna
Shikha Chauhan's picture

Dear Madam, COngratulations... Best wishes. Regards, Shikha Chauhan

Thanks and Regards, Shikha Chauhan Lecturer (Pharmaceutics) Amity Institute of Pharmacy Amity University Noida Email:

Harsh bansal's picture

hello mam. congratulation to you and your team for this. its really a good job. congratulation once again.

harsh bansal

Prof. J. Vijaya Ratna's picture

Dear Shika and Dear Bansal Thank You. I am extremely happy to be receiving these congratulating messages from all of you. Vijaya Ratna
Lakshya's picture

First and foremost heartiest congratulations to all the participants.. I am purposefully congratulating all participants, because the winners too were participants. Participation & contribution of each team is worth mention and deserves applause. Vijaya Ratna madam and the entire "Atharvana" group have shown that, though you may not be from the same location or organization, having proper guidance, same motto and passion to succeed is enough to yield wonderful results. The untiring efforts, persistence, and more importantly the thought of contributing towards the pharma fraternity is really commendable. Congratulations...
Dixon Thomas's picture

First of all I want to state that the prizes are given to the deserving hands. Next, I know the efforts and talents, the winners have demonstrated. It is a treat to see the winners. Best regards,

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


Dr. Malcolm J. DSouza's picture

I saw Santosh's posting on Facebook and thus was alerted to this announcement. In my opinion, the most prolific and proficient team (Atharvana) earned this accolade. Sentinel with just two participants did an awesome job keeping up and deserved its placing. I also have to admit that my knowledge about migranes has increased! The organizers accomplished an immense task of making sure that the rules were followed and I am glad that they managed to force the SKILLS Test participants to adhere to the palgiarism clause (at least 90% of the time). A personal note of thanks for these efforts. Cheers.....Malcolm

Malcolm J. D'Souza, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry & Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary/Collaborative Sponsored Research, Wesley College Dover, DE 

kranthi kumar's picture

Thank you all and congratulation to every one who are participated. Its an awesome time with Skills test 2010.
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

First of all I thank my leader for leading a team of diversity without any problems in communication or what so ever it may be, ultimately with her untiring efforts we could do the best and we are credited as Winners.

I congratulate Amol Sir and Abigna for their excellence in contribution to this pharma fraternity.

And I congratulate all the others participants; you people had done a great job which was reflected in our blogs.

A big applause to the organizers of this contest for the efficient conduct of this contest adhering to the rules and deadlines.

V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Congratulations to all winners its a privilege to participate in this test






TK Indira's picture

My heartfelt wishes to all the participants who contributed to this wonderful competition. Hearty congratulation to team Atharvana and team Sentinel, the most deserving teams. Really happy to be a part of this contest which made me to profell myself.

T.K. Indira.

-- "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall..." Team 'Char'minar.

Ravi Vamsi's picture

i am really proud of my friends sonthosh and niklesh with whom i spent my school life and college life, its almost ten years of friendship . we used to sit on a same bench,i felt really very excited on knowing that they excelled in skills test and top the competition . they are ideal friends that anyone should have because they help a lot in giving information about career,studies and also about competitions in pharmacy field . i am fortunate to have them as my friends congrats to all the winners P.Ravi Vamsi
Uma Pratyusha's picture

Dear madam, I heartily congratulate you and your team for being the winners of 'skills test-2010' and I should say it was an expected one! I once again congratulate all thge winners!:)


Uma Prathyusha

P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Dear All, On the behalf of team Sentinel I am thankful to everyone and congratulations to every participants for their active participation. Regards,


Niklesh Rao V's picture

I thank everyone for your well wishes and congratulate Amol sir and Abhigna and all the participants of the skills test 2010. Even though we, the learners belonged to different institutions we all worked out together helping each other out when one of us was occupied with exams. It is thanks to our team leader who instructed and gave us suggestions and prevented us from slacking off during the whole length of the competition. Thank you once again everyone.

Regards, Niklesh Rao V

Sujana's picture

congratulations mam.


ɥsıɹɐɥ's picture

congratulations folks, for the well deserved awards :) -cheers-

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