PharmD/PhD Joint Degree Programs in College of Pharmacy in University of Florida-USA

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The College of Pharmacy at the University of Florida offers a joint Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree program for qualified Doctor of Pharmacy students who are  interested in accelerated graduate studies. The purpose of this program is to prepare clinically oriented  pharmaceutical scientists. Through the selection of appropriate graduate level courses and attainment  of research skills and experience through research clerkships, students in the Doctor of Pharmacy  program can receive advanced standing in one of the graduate pharmaceutical science disciplines in 
the College of Pharmacy. The joint degree program could enable students to attain both degrees within  a period of approximately nine years of study from the beginning of college. This includes at least two  years of pre-pharmacy studies, four years of professional education, and approximately three to four  years of graduate studies.
The benefits of a joint PharmD/PhD degree program are several fold: First, the student can select  5000-6000 level graduate courses that will satisfy requirements for both programs, thus shortening the  length of the program. Second, the student can develop, during his/her initial years in the College of  Pharmacy, an appreciation of and an aptitude in research. Third, the student can identify a research  area and a faculty advisor prior to beginning the PhD component of the program. Fourth, by tracking  into the PharmD/PhD program, the student can better appreciate the importance of didactic material  presented in professional courses to their area of proposed graduate study and research. A further  advantage of the PharmD/PhD degree over a combination of a baccalaureate in the sciences, e.g., 
chemistry or biology, and a PhD in the pharmaceutical sciences is that the individual would have  attained a much broader range of pharmaceutical knowledge and clinical experience. The net result of  this should be an individual better prepared for research in the pharmaceutical sciences with a greater  potential to move rapidly upward in the pharmaceutical industry, academia or governmental agency
  • How to Apply

The UF Graduate School welcomes you to apply for one of the highest quality and most affordable graduate education opportunities available today. Please read the information on this webpage and follow all instructions carefully, so you can make the application process work smoothly for you. All links, forms, codes and addresses you need to apply are provided here. (Some forms mentioned on this webpage are PDFfiles you can read, fill out and print with Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader is not on your computer already, please click on this link to download it for free: Get Adobe Reader.)

How the Application Process Works
Application Steps
Application Fee
Test Score Codes
Other Useful Links

How the Application Process Works

Two or three UF units evaluate your graduate admission application:
* The UF Office of Admission, which determines your eligibility for admission to the university.
* The department you want to major in, which determines your eligibility for its graduate program. 
* If you are a non-US applicant, the UF International Center, which determines your eligibility for a student visa after you are admitted, on the basis of your reported preexisting funds.

Please note: The UF Graduate School is not involved in this process. Contact the department you are applying to if you have questions about your application.

Application Steps

1. Read all the information and instructions on this webpage about the application process.

2. Read all the information and instructions on the UF Office of Admissions graduate admission webpages. Click on this link to get to them: UF Office of Admissions: Graduate Admissions.

3. Contact the department you want to major in to find out its application requirements and deadlines. Click on this link for graduate contacts: Department and Program Contacts.

4. Fill out and submit your online application and application fee payment by clicking on this link: Applying Online. If you are unable to apply online click on this link forPDF admission forms you can read and fill out with Adobe Reader: PDF Admission Forms.

5. Have your official test scores (FE, GMATGREIELTSMELABTOEFLTSE) and transcripts (with official translations of them, if the originals are not in English) sent to:

UF Office of Admission
POB 114000 (201 Criser Hall)
Gainesville FL 32611-4000

6. Send these materials to the department you want to major in:

* Statement of purpose (letter of intent).
* Resume or curriculum vita.
* Recommendation letters. Click on this link for a PDF copy you can read and fill out with Adobe Reader: Recommendation Letter Form.
* Transcripts (with official translations, if the originals are not in English).
* Any other materials required by the graduate program you are applying for.
* A graduate fellowship/assistantship application. Click on this link for a PDF copy you can read and fill out with Adobe Reader: Application for Fellowship or Assistantship.

Please note: You can now opt to submit your statement of purpose, resume and recommendation letters online via the UF Office of Admissions online application system. Official test scores received at the UF Office of Admissions will automatically be made available to your department, but check to see if your department requires its own copy of your test scores or any other application materials.

7. E-mail your department to let it know you have applied online and have sent it application materials. Click on this link for graduate contacts: Department and Program Contacts.

Application Fee

UF's nonrefundable application fee is $30. You can pay online by credit card (for a $1.75 extra) or mail your payment (your name and UFID number on the check and a cover memorandum attached to the check) to:

UF Office of Admission
POB 114000 (201 Criser Hall)
Gainesville FL 32611-4000

Test Score Codes

The University of Florida's code for submission of GMATGRETOEFL and TSE scores is 5812.

Other Useful Links

UF Graduate Admission Brochure (PDF Version)
Department and Program Contacts
ETS: Educational Testing Service (GMATGRETOEFLTSE)
IELTS: International English Language Testing System
MELAB: Michigan English Language Assessment Battery
UF International Center

The University of Florida looks forward to receiving your application soon!

Application Deadlines

Prospective applicants must contact the academic unit of interest for program application deadlines.

The application, application fee payment and all supporting documents must be received before the program deadline.

Graduate applications should be submitted well in advance of the program deadline, especially for those applicants who plan to seek assistantships, fellowships or other special funding.

Graduate Assistantships and Fellowships

Contact your academic unit for funding deadlines. Early inquiry is essential to ensure that you meet application deadlines.

Office of Graduate Minority Programs Funding Opportunities

Eligible prospective students are encouraged to contact the Office of Graduate Minority Programs for information regarding the deadlines for Minority Support Programs.



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