Pharm.D./MBA in Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy-USA

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Admission Criteria

The SIUE School of Pharmacy is a public institution established to provide pharmaceutical education, research and service. Admissions are determined annually based on available resources.

Admission Procedures
Admissions to the professional program of the SIUE School of Pharmacy are limited and competitive - it is anticipated that the instructional resources available to the School will enable 80 new students to be admitted each fall term. For this reason, achieving the minimum pre-pharmacy subject and grade criteria does not guarantee admission.

In selecting students for admission, the School will consider the applicant's cumulative grade point average (GPA), pre-pharmacy curriculum GPA, and GPA in science and mathematics courses. (View Pre-Pharmacy curriculum equivalenciesbetween SIUE and other colleges and universities.)

Other criteria will include the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), review of letters of recommendation, and an on-campus interview. The interview will include a writing assessment. Specific admission criteria are determined annually by the Admissions Committee as approved by the faculty and may be changed without notice.

Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT)
Students who are applying to enter the SIUE School of Pharmacy must take the PCAT no later than September prior to admission.  For example, students applying for the fall of 2014 should take the PCAT in September 2013.

Resident Status
Non-Illinois resident applicants are considered for admission to the SIUE School of Pharmacy. However, the School gives strong preference to residents of Illinois. The Dean may admit exceptional non-resident applicants to the pharmacy program as determined by academic qualifications, personal and professional characteristics, and upon recommendation of the Admissions Committee.

Professional Program Application
Students should begin the application process one year before their anticipated enrollment in the SIUE School of Pharmacy. The SIUE School of Pharmacy uses the PharmCAS application. Applications are submitted at PharmCAS is a centralized application service that most schools of pharmacy in the United States use.

Applicants will be reviewed based upon the following:

  • Cumulative grade point average
  • Pre-pharmacy courses grade point average
  • Pre-pharmacy science and mathematics grade point average
  • PCAT scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic transcripts

Professional Program Interview
Professional program application materials will be assembled to form an individual applicant file for consideration by the SIUE School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee. Selected applicants (selection to be based on academic performance and strength of application) will be invited to SIUE for an on-campus interview. Each applicant will be interviewed by selected SIUE School of Pharmacy faculty and pharmacy practitioners who will assess the applicant's motivations and suitability for pharmacy. In addition to being interviewed, each applicant will participate in a writing assessment. All selected applicants must participate in the on-campus interview process.

Admission Decision
Following completion of the professional program interview, the Admissions Committee will consider all aspects of the applicant's file and make recommendations to the Dean regarding admission to the SIUE School of Pharmacy. Only at this point will applicants be notified of their admission status.

Apply for Admission to SIUE
Only students who have completed the approved pre-pharmacy curriculum and who have met the aforementioned admission criteria may apply for admission to the SIUE School of Pharmacy.

For information about applying for undergraduate admission to SIUE, contact SIUE Admissions or call 800-447-SIUE from Illinois and local Missouri locations, or 618-650-3705 from anywhere.

Applicants for Fall 2014

The SIUE School of Pharmacy requires that applicants complete both the PharmCAS application and an SIUE supplemental application.

In order to begin the PharmCAS application, go to Be sure to read the "Before You Apply" section.  When completing the PharmCAS application, be sure to:

  • Send PCAT scores to PharmCAS
  • Send all official college transcripts to PharmCAS
  • Send 2 letters of recommendation to PharmCAS

All students interested in applying to the SIUE School of Pharmacy must also complete the SIUE School of Pharmacy Supplemental Application.  The applicationcan be found here.  Be sure to send the Supplemental Application and $40 fee to the SIUE School of Pharmacy at the address that is printed on the supplemental application.

The application deadline for submission of the PharmCAS application and the SIUE supplemental application for fall 2014 is December 2, 2013.

Questions about the application process and admissions procedures should be addressed to the SIUE School of Pharmacy Office of Professional and Student Affairs at 618-650-5150 or

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