The Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program(MS or Ph.d) at College of Pharmacy, University of Nebraska Medical Center- USA

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Applications for admission to the PSGP must be submitted to the UNMC Office of Academic Records, Graduate Studies Office. In addition to the general requirements governing admission to the Graduate College that are detailed in the Graduate Studies Bulletin website, the following requirements must also be satisfied:

Admission to the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program (PSGP) is granted to graduates from universities or colleges of recognized standing whose requirements for graduation are substantially the same as those in the corresponding college in this University. Minimum requirements for admission to the Graduate Program include a Bachelor's degree in an appropriate field of study such as: pharmacy, chemistry, biology, engineering, mathematics or related disciplines and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale or equivalent qualification.  Under special circumstances, students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 will be considered for admission in the PSGP and admitted with PROVISIONAL status. The provisional status will be removed by maintaining a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.0 in the first two semesters.

A complete application must include the following:

  • 3 Letters of reference
  • Narrative that outlines your background, research interests, and career objectives
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • One official transcript from each university or college attended - mailed to the Graduate Studies Office
  • Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  • $45.00 Processing Fee

All application materials must be received by the deadline in order to be considered a complete application.

To check to see if all application materials have been received please contact the Graduate Studies office,

Foreign Applicants must also provide: 
Official TOEFL scores    (IELTS Scores will not be accepted)

Please note: Under no circumstances will applications be accepted for any Program beyond these dates:

Fall Semester
All Applicants: February 1

Spring Semester
Applications are not accepted for spring admittance

Summer Semester
Applications are not accepted for summer admittance

Applications should be submitted through Graduate Studies using the on-line application system.
For further application information, please visit the Graduate Studies website.

Once received, applications are evaluated by the PSGP committee. Evaluation of the applications will be based in part upon the prior academic performance, GRE score, letters of recommendation, prior research experience, if any, publications, if applicable, and English proficiency. Consideration will also be given to the applicants research interests, faculty member research focus and strategic goals of this program. Applicants may be further assessed by either an on-site visit or telephone interview. The PSGP Committee will then forward its recommendations to the UNMC Dean for Graduate Studies and Research for appropriate action.

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