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 Our pharmacy department of the Karachi University is the best department in the whole Sindh. In our department all the study related things are best. The labs are well established. The library is full of all the pharmacy related books. There are also best teachers in our department. The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Karachi after a long and thorough discussion as well as practical work, converted the curriculum proposed by PCP (based on annual examination system) into semester examination system. There are 200 credit hours spread over 5 years. The Faculty has also designed one year deficiency courses of 2 semester duration for those holding 4 years B.Pharm degree in order to upgrade to Pharm-D (5 years program) if they so desire. These courses have been approved by the Board of Studies of each department as well as by the Board of Faculty.Other things which i observed during my study are....1. Terminal ExaminationThe examination held at the end of semester after the completion of a course shall be known as Terminal Examination. It will carry 100 marks. This examination is a passing head i.e., a student must for each course obtain a minimum of 50 marks in this examination

2.Requirement for the Award of Pharm-D. Degree a. A student must have passed all prescribed courses. b. A student must have obtained a minimum CGPR 2.453.Attendance Attendance in each subject is compulsory for all students and no student shall be eligible to appear at any University examination unless he has attended 75 per cent attendance in the course.  

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