College of Pharmacy, GC University, Faisalabad

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If anybody wants the following qualities in a pharmacy college then i will advise him/her to join the pharmacy colloge of GC university.   

  1. Educate, train and develop highly skilled and competent pharmacists by providing exemplary professional pharmacy education.
  2. Inculcate the firm belief in the philosophy of pharmacy, professional and moral ethics, and acceptance of professional responsibility to deliver and be accountable for the actions, and build confidence to apply new knowledge to shape the future direction of pharmacy practice in pharmaceutical, social, and clinical sciences and integrate it in health care system.
  3. Prepare students to be leaders in the profession of pharmacy and to provide them with the education to effectively practice in various potential future roles in hospitals, community pharmacy, drug regulatory system, pharmaceutical industrial, academia, etc.
  4. Promote inter-disciplinary education and cooperation between pharmacy and other related health professions.
  5. Serve as a national centre for dissemination of drug, poison information for health professionals and community.
  6. Establish collaborations, partnerships and supportive ventures with medical colleges, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, other related organizations and research institutes to enhance and expand education and research opportunities for the students.

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