Professional Privileges

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By now we know all the physician, pharmacist & nurse professions are well differentiated with huge boundaries. All the professionals have different dress code. For one group the other groups may be of other party image. But looking at the basic operation there is only a narrow line of difference. Consider the patient is sitting on one side and the doctor, pharmacist, nurse are sitting on the other side. Patient is telling the complaints to doctor, the doctor write and give it to the pharmacist, the pharmacist give medicines to nurse, the nurse administer the medicines to the patient. Now the patient is wondering the drama going on. He/she thinks that why the doctor is writing to pharmacist, why the pharmacist is sending medicines to the nurse. Why all these people? doctor could give the medicines directly?. The pharmacist will say its my privilege as a custodian of medicines. The nurse will say its my privilege to administer the medicine to the patient. That is well protected professional privileges. Overall when we speak about drug information, pharmacist have to be the leading professional. Pharmacist is the inventor, manufacturer, distributor & monitor of the medicines. On the leading role; Surgery & diagnosis are the professional privilege of doctor, medicines is of pharmacist & patient care is of nurse.

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