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Dear pharmacists, It is the responsibility of any pharmacist to provide relevant drug information. Now a days only pharmaceutical industries are making new drug discoveries and takes a major share in all drug information created. But their drug information is less trusted as they are possibly biased. The response of doctors to a clinical pharmacist (PG) on providing drug information is amazing. And it had boosted up by the entry of Pharm D. With different M. Pharms doctors had a confusion that who is good for giving drug information. But Pharm D; they are very clear. Note that doctors love clarity and definite information in decision making. Their acknowledgment is making us more adhering to them. To give convincing information we need to make better networks to share the resources. It would be wonderful if pharmainfo.net take some initiative to provide a network of drug information pharmacists and with the resources start an online drug information center. High quality drug information is challenging. Best wishes,

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Author: Dixon Thomas


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Dear sir, This is good idea. Yes, as you have mentioned "To give convincing information we need to make better networks to share the resources." I feel that every pharmacist should feel responsible in sharing the information related to drugs and also update themself with latest information. This online DIC would be awesome as one no need to brows too many sites for correct information. Hope to see it in pharmainfo.net
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Dear Sir, It was indeed a good idea.... As an responsible pharmacist we would try to bring out some blogs on Drug information.... Hopefully many of them would follow them...
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Mr. Dixon You proposal of an online data base on drug information is good. But the costs involved in procuring databases are very high (in Lakhs), as you must definitely know. I am also finding that each database can be entered into only one computer. Are there alternative options? Please inform us as we are now starting our own DIC. Vijaya Ratna

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