Divisions of Pharmacy Practice for Pharm D

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Please discuss on the idea on making 6 divisions to the pharmacy practice department to cater all the needs of Pharm D students. 1. Drug Information Division 2. Pharmacovigilance Division 3. Ward Rounds & Clerkship Division 4. Pharmaceutical Care Division 5. Networking & Product Management Division 6. Clinical Research & Medical Writing Division With the Motto: Smoothen the 'student' to 'professional' transition. These areas are supposed to be the critical job opportunity sectors for Pharm D graduates. Best Regards,

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hello sir, Im final year B.pharm student,very much intrested in serving health care industry in hospital setting.so after this I would like to join in pharmD course.I heard that the post baccalaureate courses will be stopped giving in any institution from the next year,as NABP is not recougnising the P.B. course.. IS that true? If so what should I do to get eligible to sit for FPGEE and Naplex... and how would be the job openings for post baccalaureate students in hospitals in India after they complete their 3 yr course...? Please help me with your suggestions sir. Thank u, -shivsagar
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Dear Mr. Dixon More awareness on clinical pharmacy is needed in our country. Recently one Pharmacy college Principal (His college started Pharm D) told me, "Madam, starting a drug information center by procuring some databases with a few lakhs of rupees is not a problem. We have achieved that. But nobody is putting questions to us. Only our students are asking us. So for the concepts to take on, it will take time. We can devide Pharmacy practise into divisions as you said, but for what purpose? In our KGH, we divided our services into two components; drug information center and patient counselling. We started a month ago, we are working only on one day in a week; so far nobody asked us any question for drug information. But for taking patient counselling, patients are eagerly coming forward, more than 150 patients have taken counselling so far, and our students are happy that they are able to help the patients in a very real manner. So if we keep working, some day our efforts will bear fruit. All the best. Vijaya Ratna

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