Pharm D could make Indian Pharmacists; "Highly Trusted Professionals"

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Indians do believe on quality of medicines, do they proportionally trust Pharmacists?

Pharm D have shown its presence in the Pharmaceutical Society.
Now it is time to set new standards in Pharmaceutical Education focusing on winning the trust of patient with direct patient care.
Indian Pharmacists won the trust of the patient on quality of medicines. Hats off to B.Pharm, M.Pharm education for paving the way for it.

Now we have to win the trust of the patient on quality of patient care. Pharm D is the Education to cater the neglected aspect in India.

The social impact of the pharmacist in their service need a full length increase of near bottom to near top.

Pharmacists need to be trusted by public like doctors.

In developed countries Pharmacists are one of the top professionals with high patient trust. Thanks to their Pharm D.
Indian Pharm D are setting the standards to win the trust of Indians on Pharmacists.

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Author: Dixon Thomas


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Mr. Dixon You raised a very important issue. We must gain the trust of the society by being capable of serving them through our knowledge and skills. This high level of knowledge and skills must be imparted to Pharm. D. students. I was told that, in USA, clinical pharmacists play an active role in deciding on treatment. It seems, in critical care teams, pharmacist will also be there , and he will advise on what treatment is to be given to a patient. To reach such a level, a pharmacist must be equipped with excellent level of knowledge. Hope you agree with me. Vijaya Ratna
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In addition to having excellent Pharmacotherapy knowledge, Clinical Pharmacists also need excellent communication skills to be able to effectively communicate with physicians to convince them. They also need superb communication skills to effectively communicate with the patients. There are number of good books available on this aspect that give essence of communication skills that the Clinical Pharmacists must acquire in addition to excellent knowledge of Pharmacotherapy. Tapan

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