Should I Choose Pharmaceutical Sales as Career

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Pharmaceutical Sales as a Career : The Good and The Bad

If you have decided to make a move into the most rewarding pharmaceutical sales career, I feel happy for you. I have been following this great career option for long and have found it a satisfying and worth consideration option for many people. But there is something I want to discuss with you. Like every career, pharmaceutical sales option also has some advantages and disadvantages. Before discussing the pros and cons of pharmaceutical sales in detail, let me tell you something. Disadvantages of any career are actually a challenge for you. If you consider them as an opportunity to grow, you definitely will. This is not a philosophical statement so don't confuse it. It is important for you to understand the real aspects of this career option before selecting. Although it is one of the best options, but still it is not for every one; I repeat. Let's talk on the real point; the pros and cons of the pharmaceutical sales career. The top advantages of this career among the many are following: * You get a company car ? * The pay is pretty competitive and you get bonuses, perk and allowances on regular basis based on your performance. * A great rewarding and well defined career path awaits you once you get into this industry. * You do not need to have much of the experience or qualification to get this job. You have a college degree and passion for this work, you are the right candidate. * Anyone from any background can enter this industry with many opportunities in it. It is therefore a good option for those who seek a career shift. * And here comes the best thing, you can develop better and working relationships with doctors and hospital management authorities in your area. Your network grows and opens new paths for you. Now coming to the other side of picture; the cons. Let me repeat the golden words; cons represent the challenges you have to overcome during your work and they are essentially opportunities to work on. * Most of your time will be spent on roads or in waiting rooms in order to meet the physicians. * You will have to work really hard and people who want a routine 9-5 job cannot fit in this dynamic work environment. * The pay is nice but they set difficult targets to achieve. If you don't, you are not making it right. * You must have a college degree and some prior experience or knowledge about science. * Driving license, clean record and presentation skills are the main requirements and networking is a plus. * Time management and managing your work with your family life is the biggest

Challenge for many people in this industry

Don't worry; these are little challenges you will have to face in your job. But it is not a difficult task to overcome these. If you find the above mentioned pros of this career as motivating and attractive for you, it will be easier to find ways for a better pharmaceutical career. The pros and cons of pharmaceutical sales as career provide you with some hints of the real work environment.

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