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69. Community pharmacist - how much ethical, professional and bussiness man he is?

Well, I had proposed in my comment to Mr Joshipuramanana to come ou with a blog on Community pharmacist - a blend of Ethical Professional Businessman.How much of each he is and should be!?

Now, I want all the interested persons to participate to churn out the issue for the good of the profession.

To make the subject bit easy, I am briefly analyzing the scope and limitations hereunder:

Community pharmacist whom we popularly call a 'Chemist & Druggist' in India is a typical profession.

He is a dispensing pharmacist - in out look

65. Pharmacists Vs other science graduates

Time and again I don't know wherever I go either I will get into evaluation of pharmacy graduates or graduates themselves would be narrating their job seeking plight to me - that makes me sad. The experience of one M Pharm Biotechnology graduate (Mr Vishwanath) who met me yesterday and narrated his job seeking plight created pity on him and annoyance on the system.

62. PharmD and OP dispensary

I was the one who was very happy when I learnt that students are taught in hospital environment in PharmD course. This has been one of my major observation and demand that culturing the students away from the hospital and community environment cannot yield healthy pharmacists supportive to community or hospital service.

61. Pharmacist of yester decades

Indian Health Service: Paving the Way for Pharmaceutical Care Quote: "For more than three decades, pharmacists with the federal Indian Health Service (IHS) have practiced pharmaceutical care in its broadest form. In fact, some credit the IHS with having invented the very concept long before the term "pharmaceutical care" was coined." ..Read more.. on:


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