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Golden Jubilee of GCP Bengaluru June 2013

June 1st and 2nd 2013 wwere memorable days for me and to all my alumnis. The students, staff (teaching and Non-teaching) and the principal of the Govt College of Pharmacy and its alumni and the Deugs Contro Department lead by Dr B R Jaga setty the Drugs Controller celebrated Golden Jubililee of the College with a very elaborate programs bringing reminecense and nostalgic memories of decades right since 1960s.

How comprehensive we are in drug development and delivery?

Here is a piece of information claiming to be infringement on the personal rights of children. Quite an interesting topic for discussion and to brood over particularly by the research professionals;

Quote: "The Swiss National Advisory Commission on Biomedical Ethics (NEK), commented on the use of the ADHD drug Ritalin in its opinion of 22 November 2011 titled Human enhancement by means of pharmacological agents. It said that the consumption of pharmacological agents altered the child's behaviour without any contribution on his or her part."

Pharmacist & the prescription

Here is an intersting piece of debate going on in US on the FDAs proposal to authorize the pharmacist to prescribe certain category of drugs. I am fully aware that our pharmacists at the service counter and those in US are not equal in qualification, knoledge and capability. Nevertheless, it is worth knowing the status in US:

Manupulators, Fabricators and Duplicators in drugs - Beware

There are areas where the manupulations, fabrications and duplications are accepted, appreciated or at the most ignored. But, in case of drugs the activity becomes unpardonable for the simple reason that the consequences could be disastrous and life threttening. My friend Mr Mahendrashetty has shared an information on mail where a UK judge has frowned with a comment that his power of punishment is too little for the offence!.

Well since the information has educative value I am sharing the link for the benefit of students and professionals in pharmacy.

Pharmacart pulled by a Bullock and a Buffalo !

The Indian community and hospital pharmacy is a divided house.

The administrators and proprietors doesn't want the pharmacist to manage and dispens drugs, with the connivance of certifcate selling / lending pharmacists.

The pharma professional is crying fowl! and craving and dreaming for a right professional slaught to serve.

The ignorant public are mute.

Please make a cartoon and publish.



76. Pharma strategies

While being on a wild browsing, I came across a site with an interesting information. Its is such a loaded information listed out in just few lines. Any interested student or professional of pharmacy can get into any depth and width of each issue therein and each one can be a good subject matter for research too. Hence, I wish to share the site with my friends on


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