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97 A Placement guidance to the pharmacists

Since the prospective employers are too diversified from Industry to hospital - community service and regulatory admins, many of the pharmacists from D Pharm to PharmD are groping in dark in broad day light as to what to do and where to go?

They don't have any effective guide as most of the teachers themselves are unaware of the new avenues of professional opportunities

Indian Pharmaceutical Congress & the Common Pharmacist

The annual mega event the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2015 is taking place in Hyderabad from 23rd Jan to 25th Jan.

I wish the program a good success and I hope the basic issues affecting the terminal pharmacy service providers will be addressed, to secure them a respectable status both in the society and in the profession.

On behalf of the pharmacy service providers at the grass root level, I look forward for a tangible and pragmatic comprehensive resolution from IPC


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