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i was told that the clinical trial companies are slowing down their activity and are moving out of India being unable to comply with the new regulation particularly wrt Video recording of counseling and and all clinical activities. Recently, Mr. Sheshagiri Gandasi brought out a document where the Lancet editor has disclosed the fraudulent research publications. https://www.facebook.com/search/str/Lancet%20-%20Sheshagiri/keywords_top

I myself was a mute witness in 1979-82 when completely pre-filled clinical trial records were got signed by a pharma company from a seniour clinician.

Should we feel bad and regret for losing the clinical trial industries?

Not at all. On the other hand lets be happy that people of India are spared and saved from onslaught of too many molecules pushed through the greedy doctors at exorbitant price.

What molecules we have in Indian market is sufficient to treat any health problem rationally.

Now, we have to seriously do research to find out why the drugs are made expensive and how to prune them.

We should have a National Network of Therapeutic committees with doctors and clinical pharmacists and establish a strong Medication policy to promote Rational Use of Drugs both in Govt and Private sector.

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