RIPER PDIC Bulletin Sep 2012 attached & Welcome to Pharmacoeconomics Conference on Oct 13

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Dear Colleague, Welcome to


International Conference on Pharmacoeconomics and Good Pharmacy Practice


All are welcome to this unique conference on Pharmacoeconomics on October 13th in RIPER, Anantapur, AP, India.

Registration fee is Rs 200.


Rare opportunity on pharmacoeconomics topics by global experts (See program Agenda in the attached Bulletin).


Poster presentations are welcome, Submit abstract by October 5, 2012.


Please find more details, registration form and Agenda of the conference in the attached bulletin.

See you or your students at Anantapur.


Best wishes,



Dixon Thomas's picture

All are welcome, 

International Conference on Pharmacoeconomics on October 13th (Saturday) Registration fee Rs. 200.

Renouwned speakers

Importent topic

Helps your research career

Present your research poster

meet the experts

Best wishes,

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


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