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Hello everyone,

It had been a long time since I've been on this site and I apologize for it. Now, I am here to share with you all, my experience at NCC camp.

I, i.e. all our college cadets (about 25 of them) have been to the NCC camp at Namak in Vizag fro a period of 10 days (from feb-3rd to Feb. - 12th). Attendance to the camp would give us eligibility to write the 'B' certificate exam. A total of 5 colleges and about 120 - 135 girl cadets attended the camp. We come under 2(A) GBN NCC unit.

The daily routine or the time-table of the camp includes,

5 am in the morning: assemble time which starts with the call; "fall in" for warm up exercises and jogging and roll call too.

7:00 - breakfast.

8:00 to 12:00 - drill which includes march-past and some other exercises with snacks in between.

12:30- lunch

3:00 to 6:00 - fall in for some more exercises and games with snacks in between.

8:00 - dinner.

We were also given certain instructions like,

* We need to lock our rooms so as to safe-guard our mobiles and other valuables.

* We should not wear any jewellery of any kind.

* We should not keep stickers, plat our hairs into an '8' shape, packed in a hair net with pins all over.

* Need to keep our room clean and neat with the door decorated.

Each day was a lesson for all of us as we learn't new things and a different and a new experience! Now I am going to tell you what we did each day in detail apart from this daily routine.

1st day i.e. Thursday i.e. Feb. 3rd.

We all gathered at complex, went to NAD, to 104 area then and finally to the camp by auto with all our baggage of clothes, buckets and mugs by 12 0' clock. We went in with our names and regiment numbers signed along with the unit we represent.

Soon we were called for lunch. The first day was a day of instructions and introductions about the behavior we have to put, our dress code, timings and everything.

2nd day of our camp.

We got up at 2:30 in the morning so that we would get an opportunity to bath and do our things as there would be a long queue. It was 'teeth chattering' cold there and the water- 'ice cold'. It was our first, "oh my god! experience". We pasted a paper containing our college name with neat sketches on the door.

3rd day of the camp.

We were informed that 2 cadets from every college should do ' centri ' job everyday where they should take care that no girl ventures out with a mobile in the night after 10, every one sleeps and there shall not be any noise.

4th day of the camp.

We were given some theory classes about the various issues of NCC. The sick party started where some of the cadets stayed in the room for being sick.

5th day of the camp.

We were taken for jogging out of the camp and it delighted us a lot! Then it was a feast for everyone as there were non- vegetarian and paneer dishes for lunch. Also, we were taken to the shipwright school for some theory classes and the class was damn marvelous. We all enjoyed it a lot!

6th day of the camp.

This day, since some of them requested for rotis in lunch and dinner, we got an additional job to do rotis. Everyday 8 cadets used to do. Each person about 100-150. We enjoyed it though as we could escape from doing drill.

We also had the job of serving during lunch and dinner and those cadets doing it were called, 'langar party'.

In the evening, we played games like kabaddi, ring and throw ball.

7th day of the camp - the most exciting day.

We were taken to the airport for firing. We were given 0.22 rifles each weighing about 6lbs. 5 bullets for 5 rounds. We were not so bad in the 1st attempts itself as each of us hit the target with 4-13cm distances between 2 shots. The afternoon session had also been the same.

We were informed about the competitions to be held for the last day "bada khana" like singing, dancing, skits etc.

8th day of the camp.

The competitions were held in the night. Everyone practiced for them.

9th day of the camp - the day of bada khana.

Everyone was busy with the arrangements. We were left free to do anything. So we engaged ourselves in writing certificates, fees receipts, practicing for culturals, drill test etc.

In the night, there was camp fire. The culturals were extremely good. Winners for various events were announced and medals were given.

Our college hailed prizes for singing, dancing and drill test which made us jump with joy and there were no bounds to our happiness! :)

10th day of the camp - The last day of the camp.

Everyone got up very early, packed their clothes and belongings and waited for the call to leave. Finally we reached homes by 8 in the morning proudly that we won medals for our college to show everyone that we achieved something and happy to be home after so many days.


At last, the camp went well, better than we expected with our parents meeting us in between, friends going out with an out pass and while returning, getting us something to eat. It was a memorable experience and the commands which alerted us there are now a part of our speech which we use on our friends in college like 'fall in', 'daud ke chal' etc. ?

The camp also enhanced the relationship among all of us and made new friends. Now we are eagerly waiting for another camp to attend.



Event co-ordinator.


V.B.S.Aishwarya's picture

Wow..... Good narration Yeah it was very nice to know about your experiences and happy that you all had done a useful job.I remembered the day i asked a random questions to all you guys in library before your ncc exam day ...... i too learnt a lot ;-) Yeah very happy to know that you ppl have won medals. Keep Going and good luck Regards,






Uma Pratyusha's picture

Hello Aishwarya, Ya your training for our theory exam the before day proved useful:) and we did write the exam well! We are confident that we would definitely get the 'B' certificate. Thanks for your wishes!:)


Uma Prathyusha

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