An eve with Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam

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Hi all
I would like to share my wonderful experience with you guys. 14th of august...a truly inspirational day for me. Today evening there was a small interaction session held at the Andhra University convocation hall. It was led by our former president Bharat Ratna Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir. It lasted for about 45 minutes but those 45 minutes were the best gift a student can get for independence day.

Kalam sir started his speech by using a very right phrase "WORK WITH INTEGRITY AND SUCCEED WITH INTEGRITY" the very beginning moved the entire hall which was filled with students from different colleges. Then he talked about very important things which are likely to be expected in the near future. He explained how the technology has changed the world he quoted some examples too. He told that improvement in the field of technology will lead to the convergence of technology. He explained this with an example he told that technology with biology has lead to the emergence of applied sciences like bioinformatics and biotechnology and now nano technology has outnumbered them and combination of bioinformatics, bio technology and nano technology will lead to a very new science called intelligent bioscience in the near future which will change the entire dimensions of the health system.
Apart from this he even explained how our world is turning out to be a global village by quoting an example of a group of people working to solve a problem in Australia. That group had people from China, India, Germany, Mauritius. Thus technology is mainly helpful in creating a world with no borders.

His words about India 2020 were just out of the world and yes that is why he is called as a visionary.He highlighted what should be done so that by 2020 we reach a status of developed country. He said that fields like agriculture, education, technology and health should be taken care of and he stressed upon a point which was very impressive.It was very about PURA. PURA stands for Provision of Urban amenities in Rural Areas. This is for the development in the rural areas. According to Kalam sir the villages in India should be connected in three ways they are physical, electronical and through knowledge. physically they can be connected by means of transport and electronically by improving the communication methods and through knowledge they can be connected by preserving the age old cultures of villages and by exchanging the ideas amongst them. He also said that all these will lead to the economic connectivity which will ultimately lead to the development of the country
Later he also stressed on the point of sustainable development and energy independence where he highlighted the usage of renewable source of energy.

Then he told about a book which he read and quoted some lines from it they are...."what works yesterday wont work today...yesterday natural resource was power today knowledge is power, yesterday seniority was a symbol of status but today creativity is a symbol of status" these words..were followed by a roar of awe and respect by the audience.

Finally he concluded his speech with a student oath. The summary of this oath is that we should aim high and work for it with hard work and dedication and should be consistent, we should be ready to give and share our knowledge and ignite their minds too and being the youth should have the courage to be different, courage to invent,courage to discover the impossible, courage to overcome problems and courage to achieve success in all our missions.
So in the end i felt i was very lucky as i got a chance to attend this event.




Saikuldeep Roy's picture

hi padmaja ya your right its the good gift a stundent can get in his life time. check out the blog of mine about the oath for students which he made us recite with him. regards, kuldeep
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Thank you Padmaja for sharing the wonderfull message of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir, infact after reading our blog I felt that I had missed an wonderful evening at my college, but anyhow I could fell the presence of Kalam Sir words from your blog. Share this link at Facebook so that many more people can read his message
kranthi kumar's picture

Dear Padmaja, Great to know you been to this conference, Its such a wonderful speech by our former president.

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