Should third year B.Pharm. students be allowed to give GPAT ?

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Dear Friends, As you all know previously, pharmacy student of third and fourth year can give GATE examination required for admission in master by some universities especially AICTE approved colleges with a incetive of stipend as per policy. As there is change in the exam name and pattern, it is now considered as GPAT. I want to draw your attention regarding the change as only final year students are eligible for giving the exam. First of all, what may be the reason that third year students are not allowed give examination? It may be to create a sound competition for master. but, do we require to be that tough? Do the master that much tough to do? Do the quality or integrity of bachloer colleges are maintained all over India with uniform standards? If the students in third year give GPAT, they get the actual idea and real experience of the exam. However, such kind of experience can be there with coaching classes(additon money which may not be affordable by poor or middle income family students). Secondly, if students are appearing for exam, in the pressure of the exam, they are able to complete the syllabus once which may boost their chances to get good grade in forth year.So, this system would be helpful to get good marks in exam. Thirdly, there has been a great increase in number of master seats in Pharmacy colleges irrespective of goverment or private sector. If students are not getting good rank in GPAT in final year, they may prefer to join master rather than waiting for next year for GPAT or jobs( Very limited in pharma industries. As pharma industries composed of 70% of non pharma people or pharma related people). So, after working for a four long year students are still not able to reach the target which may be due to policy rather than talent. As the students especially with low and middle income family suffer financially to get admission in good pharmacy college with very limted goverement college. There may be increased approval of Pharmacy collge due to increase need of pharmacist as per forcast analysis of pharmacist requirement in india (I still need to find reference for forcast analysis). Based on the ground of comeptitions, limitation of MCQs type exam, students perspective, should the students of B.Pharm Third year be allowed to give GPAT? May we be student frindly ? I welcome the critisim over the topic. Thanks!!!!

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