Indian Pharmaceutical Industry: Cracking the Code

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The study has been conducted to make you aware about the resistance held by Indian pharmaceutical industries, inspire of economy breakdown in all other industries, because India has strong domestic pharmaceutical industry and a rapidly expanding market with a population of over a billion. Indian pharmaceutical industry today is in the front rank of Indian science based industry with wide ranging capability in the complex field of drug manufacturing and technology. in spite of global breakdown. Pharmaceutical industries a still able to resist the recession.indian pharmaceutical industry growing at about 8-9 %annually India's top 10 pharmaceutical company have reported a record of 24.57% growth in their net profit during 2007-2008.the growth of domestic pharma industry is largely dependent on its therapeutic presents. India has the highest no. of USFDA approved mfg facility outside the us. Therefore it is in a good position to manufacture bulk drug and export to regulated markets in the coming years. Leader of the largest global pharmaceutical companiies recognized the need for transformational change in their organization, but will need to move swiftly to insure sustained growth.


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Non allopathic Indian medicines have gathered increasing recognition in recent year with regard to both treatment option and health harzards.The dependency of 80% country's population on these drugs is due to their easy availability. The ayurvedic pharmacopeia is extensive and has many different preaparations: powders(churana),tablets(gutika) and avleha preparation (chavanprash) due to their method of preparation there can be an increase in heavy metal content from the prescribed limit which can lead to various complications in individuals for e.g. High iron intake can lead to iron poisoning which leads to damage of internal organs particularly brain,liver,and metabolic acidosis, mercury can lead to mercury poisoning (hydrargaria) which can further lead to minimata diseases, lead poisoning leads to irreversible neurological damage ,renal diseases and reproductive toxicity .It was reported that I out of 5 ayurvedic HMP's produced in south asia contains potentially harmful level of lead , mercury and /or arsenic. Another article published in the telegraph 19-8-05 reported that drug regulatory authorizes issued a warning about the possibility of heavy metals in the Indian ayurvedic products like Kerala capsules and shilajit solid in Britain. therefore regulatory steps for estimation of heavy metal contents are mandatory.

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