Beware Brands other than Doctor prescribe may Harm You.

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If we go on following news this is the conclusion we get. It means if instead of Tab Crocin 500 mg we take Tab Calpol 500mg it will harm us. It is not understandable that on one side govt. is promoting Generic medicines then why Doctors are sticking to Brands. ***************************************************** AIIMS drug shop 'cheats' patients -------------------------------------- Jyotsna Singh, New Delhi, July 3, 2012, DHNS: Hospital now plans to set up committee to monitor the chemist The All India Institute of Medical Sciences administration is considering setting up a committee to keep tabs on the chemist shop on the campus which faces complaints that 'wrong' medicines dispensed by it have led to patients getting worse. The only private drug store at AIIMS is supposed to sell medicines at 56 per cent discount. "The institute is planning to form a monitoring committee in connection with the functioning of chemist shop in AIIMS," said AIIMS spokesman Dr Y K Gupta. The committee will comprise the head of pharmacology department, a faculty member from pharmacology and a representative of the medical superintendent, added Gupta. The tasks of the committee will include providing list of manufacturers and bar-coding. Doctors are aggrieved about their patients not getting the prescribed medicines at the shop, resulting in worsening of their condition. An epileptic patient was taking Eptoin drug manufactured by Abbot for many years and his epilepsy was under control. But All India Medicos gave him another brand, the packet of which looked like that of Eptoin, and his epilepsy was out of control again. "It was sub-standard medicine which looked the same," a neurologist said. "The patient stopped responding to the medicine." She said other doctors in the institute have faced similar situations where the prescribed medicine is not being delivered. Another doctor prescribed a medicine which was a combination of many drugs. But the discount shop gave him separate drugs. This confused the patient who was given different directions by the doctor and the chemist on how to take the medicines. "It is an important part of our drug regimen that we give a smaller number of medicines. A patient who has to take medicine for a long period tends to skip doses if multiple drugs are to be taken every time. This is being reduced by giving combination drugs," she added. "Our patients suffer because they are not given prescribed medicines by the shop," she said. Doctors also complain that medicines are not actually sold at a cheaper rate. A Zostum injection (2g) is a commonly prescribed antibiotic costing Rs 227 per vial. The discount shop sells a different brand Cifsal (2g) which contains the same drug priced at Rs 525. After 56 per cent discount, the cost comes to Rs 231. A senior doctor feared there was a likelihood of higher prices being printed on the drug packets to compensate for the 56 per cent discount. Patients wait for hours and go through a tedious process to get their medicines, thinking they are getting cheaper drugs. It is a three-step process. A person has to stand in queue to get a token. When the token number is called out, one gives the prescription list. Only after waiting half-an-hour or more, one receives the medicine. There are complaints against the staff at the shop. "I inquired about the prescribed medicines. The shopkeeper scolded me. I then took whatever he gave me," said Sunita Sodan from Orissa. Shop owner Gyantosh said, "If people bring complaints to us, we will look into the matter. There are thousands of brands in the market, how do we know about the price of each of them?" A senior doctor said people have faith in the shop inside AIIMS because they respect the institute. "They think the shop has the approval of AIIMS," she said. She added that patients who come from villages are more vulnerable to cheating. "People who come here are simple. I think treating them like this is not fair." Source: Deccan Herald


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Please read the June issue of the RIPER PDIC Bulletin. There is a very scientific article on which drugs can be substituted and which can not. Best regards,

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


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