Computer Aided Drug Design

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Hiii guys.......lets share some knowledge to solve many problems of different modules or programs of different softwares for CADD............. ask your querries here.........i will try to come back to you with solution........... Here i am sharing a paper which highlights about estimation of binding energy of a receptor-ligand complex which is a prerequisite before going for synthesis of any can share if you know some other methods or papers or case studies...........


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Good If you want to do a poster presentation on CADD, please send an abstract of not more than 300 words to or contact me. We are organizing a National Workshop on Clinical Practice & Research on July 9-10, 2011. At Raghavendra Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research in association with RDT Hospitals, Anantapur, Near SK University. You are most welcome to participate.

Mr. Dixon Thomas, M. Pharm, M. S., RPh Assoc. Prof., RIPER 


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