Everything regarding PCI's Pharm D course is confusing and wrong- no following of customary things and common morality

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According to a recent common circular to all pharmaceutical institutions by PCI registrar, it says and demands a report from all institutions about a strong demand from Pharm D students regarding providing stipend. The circular demands either the institutions provide stipend to the Pharm D interns or should return the Internship year's fee to the student.

This is so confusing- first of all the institutions should not expect fees for the internship year, which is a customary thing for other healthcare courses: may it be medical, dental, physiotherapy or nursing students- no body pays for the internship year. so why should one must co- relate the internship year fee with the stipend? Both are totally different things and un related. A Pharm D student must get stipend and must not be forced to give the fee for the Intenship year. This is so wrong!!! 

I just wonder Whats the poor  status of  an organization like PCI- it simply has no authority or upperhand over its approved institutions. It actually doesnt has any control over these institutions.

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