DoP now sets new target of 3000 Jan Aushadhi stores, Can there be another cost effective solution ?

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Here is the news of on Pharmabiz 4th Jan 2011 that The Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) on Jan Aushadhi stores. which could not yet reach anywhere near the targeted expansion of Jan Aushadhi outlets, has now worked out another ambitious target of opening 3000 stores taking the network upto the sub-divisional levels in the country in the next few years. "Through the Jan Aushadhi outlets, 231 generic medicines of the same quality, efficacy and potency as that of branded medicine are being made available at very affordable prices. A total of Rs.2.76 crore of medicines have supplied to these Jan Aushadhi outlets. Efforts are on to increase the basket of medicines to 350 covering all NLEM medicines and open Jan Aushadhi Stores in every District Hospital of the country,'' the latest report by the DoP said. Details of the reading are available on [1] Those whow are new to this concept, I am narrating about jan aushadi project. It is multimillion project of department of pharmacy to make a drug supply chain store to give drugs at very law cost to be provided to poor and needed one. I may be novice as just beginning role of clinical pharmacy professionals. but, I think that spending a budgets of crores that to supply the essential medicine as per national formulary (which is also just not ready as per india scenario), do we need to create a low cost generic medicine supply chain with a lot of efforts form socially and financially ? new buildings , new persons recruited for jan aushadhies who may replace or comptete with existing so called drug stores,transport cost, software cost, management cost, pharmacist(D.Pharm, B.Pharm or M.Pharm) cost and after 10 yrs the progress of the project is very limited if true as per report then do we require any cost effective alternaive? As a possible alternative, if the department (Dop) has the power as regulatory body to make a clause or law itself like " Prescribe Only Generic Medicine for those drug mentioned under essential drug list". The objective will also be served with a law. Main decision maker for prescribing a drug is physician. so, law should be enatail to them. If the society of physician is accepting the law there will not be a problem in execution of law. Manufacturer will ultimately move to generic as prescribing will be of only in generic for essential drugs. Additionally, there should be incetive scheme for BPL patient on chronic disease treatment like diabetes and arthitis. Medication for such disease should also be provided at law cost. As Indian patients in terms of clinical trial giving a great potential for research for physician and pharma companies but have a poor outcome in terms of overall management of disease. Consumer protection and walfare agency are lacking for patient on health research project except the IEC. In short, I am only proposing an idea. I may be wrong. I just like all great minds view over this points. Please express your views on above case.

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