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Information for the patient:

1.For extended-release dosage form of diazepam, the capsule should be swallowed as a whole, it should not be crushed or broken or chewed.

2.This medicine has habit forming potential.

3.Concurrent use of antacids may delay but not reduce the absorption of diazepam.

4.Concurrent use of cimetidine may result in delayed elimination and increased plasma concentrations.

5.Concurrent used of isoniazid may inhibit the elimination of diazepam and result in increased plasma concentrations.

6.Concurrent use of Rifampicin may enhance the elimination of diazepam resulting in decreased plasma concentrations.

7.Precautions while using this medicine

i)Caution in taking alcohol or other CNS depressants during therapy.

ii)Suspected overdose, getting emergency help at once.

iii)Caution if drowsiness, dizziness, light headedness, or clumsiness or unsteadiness occurs, especially in the elderly.

8.Sleeping medicines are usually used only for a few weeks, because with time
they can lose their effectiveness.

Information to the patient:

1.Take the medicine about half an hour before you want to sleep, then go to bed.

2.Do not take drinks with caffeine before going to bed, as they may keep you awake.

3.Do not take more medicines than what is prescribed to you.

4.Maximum effectiveness of medication may not occur for 2 or 3 nights after initiating therapy.

5.Keep this medicine out of reach of children, overdose is especially dangerous in children.

6.Be careful if you have to get up in the night, as you may feel very sleepy. If you still feel drowsy in the morning do not drive.

7.You should not drink alcohol, even during the day, while taking this medicine.

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Author: Niklesh Rao V


P.V.ABHIGNA's picture

Hi niklesh, Nice blog actually very important to people using this drug.I have heard that 3 to 4 cups of coffee can take off the effects of this drug.Is it true.....if so justify?


Niklesh Rao V's picture

Deat Abhigna, what you have heard is right. This drug is a CNS depressant whereas coffee which contains caffeine, is a CNS stimulant. These two substances antagonize each other pharmacologically.

Regards, Niklesh Rao V

S.M. Habibur rahman's picture

Its useful information. As you said cimetidine will decrease the Kel will that increased plasma concentration will cause what kind of toxic problems.
Niklesh Rao V's picture

Dear sir, Cimetidine interferes with the elimination of the drug. It leads to increased plasma levels, which in turn results in prolonged duration of action. It is undesired as it is a CNS depressant drug.

Regards, Niklesh Rao V

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