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PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF DIABETICS. Hello dear bloggers, here i present the second blog of the month. diabetics is a chronic metabolic disorder in which there is a high blood glucose level. I.e. Hyperglycemia diabetics is due to two major reasons. 1. Due to no production of insulin 2. Due to reduced sensitivity to insulin by cells. And due to obesity and genetic factors. the first condition would lead to type I DIABETICS and the second leads to TYPE II DIABETICS. REASONS FOR TYPE I DIABETICS >> it is usually seen in young children or adolescent >>it is due to the destruction of the beta cells of langerhans which are responsible for the production of insulin. >>the destruction is due to an auto immune disorder which may occur due to genetic reasons or due to viral attack like echo virus, coxsachie virus etc. >>due to the lack of cells producing the insulin there will be accumulation of glucose in the alone. REASONS FOR TYPE II DIABETICS >>this type of diabetics is also called is non insulin dependent diabetics. >>this is majorly due to obesity or due to drugs which inhibit release of insulin. >>due to obesity the fats get deposited on the pancreas which causes the supperesion of the pancreatic cells in inhibits the release of insulin. >>drugs like glucocorticoids, high dose of thiazide diuretics, protease inhibitors these drugs will inhibit the secretion of insulin. thus to treat this chronic disorder we use insulin or oral hypoglycemics. this blog is free from any plagrised material. REFERENCE: 1. Pharmacology fifth edition by h. p.rang, m.m.dale, j.m.ritter, p.k.moore page no- 385 To 387.

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