Pharmacy study is now one of the most popular course in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is one of the fast developing country. Bangladesh is the land of 160 million peoples. This large population is living in a small land of 147600 square kilometers. So, Bangladesh is densely populated area. Because of its large population job competition is so high. Peoples are preparing themselves for job hunting war. This competition is is increasing day by day.Now a days, parents are preparing their child for an extensive war. This war start from the first school admission.Choice of right track leads to a successful life.

Bangladesh has different industrial sectors. One of the fast growing sector and leading industry is now pharmaceutical sector. In 1982, Bangladesh government took revolutionized step by preparing National Drug policy, which help the local company to increase their growth. At this moment , pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh is 1.13 Billion dollar market. Bangladeshi pharmaceuticals industries are exporting medicines in 80 different countries.And the number is increasing day by day. Pharmaceutical industries are introducing sophisticated product like anticancer drugs, biotech product, insulin etc. There are many successful histories which made popular Pharmacy study in Bangladesh.

10 years ago bachelor of pharmacy (B.Pharm) was a three years course. At present, available pharmacy courses in Bangladesh are Bachelor of pharmacy, Master of pharmacy, Diploma in pharmacy beside this long term courses there are few short courses on pharmacy. Short courses are 6 month to 1 year. However, bachelor course is available in many public and private universities. There are 6 public universities and 22 private universities in Bangladesh with Pharmacy Department. Student with chemistry and biology background are able to admit. It is a four year course which segmented by eight semesters. Master of pharmacy is 1.5 year course, which is more specialized. Like if anyone want to perform industrial job will do masters on "Pharmaceutical Technology", "Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology" for hospital pharmacist and teaching related job, "pharmaceutical marketing" for product marketing department.

Few years ago,students of pharmacy got job during final year of their bachelor degree. The number of pharmacy graduate increasing day by day. After that student finishing bachelor degree got job after the bachelor course. Now a days, number of pharmacy students became so high that even they are not getting job after their master degree. Besides, job sector for the pharmacist also increased. They are working in Product Development, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Marketing, Sales, Training, Regulatory Affairs, Commercial department etc. Few years ago, many pharmaceutical company assigned chemist to perform laboratory work but now pharmacist start to replace chemist from pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacist are also working in veterinary industries. Today new job area for Bangladeshi pharmacist is Hospital Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist. Their working place is the hospital and deals with the patients and help the doctors to prescribe medicine. Thus error in prescribing wrong medicine and miss-dose also reduced. New opportunity in another sector is cosmetic industry.

Bangladesh is a land of medicinal plants. Thus, herbal medicinal industry also developing day by day. Some giant groups focusing their concentration in herbal industry. So, the demand of pharmacist in herbal industry are increasing day by day.Though food is on of the important part of our daily life, one of the main cause of disease development is food habit. But pharmacist is not part of this industry. Pharmacist should develop their career in food industry. Teaching of pharmacy is increasing now days, so pharmacy students are coming to teaching profession. Many pharmacist of Bangladesh has been migrated to different countries of the world and working there successfully. Some legend pharmacists are working as consultant of Pharmaceuticals industry setup according to MHRA, FDA, GCC, TGA regulation.

In 1964, pharmacy education started its journey with a slogan "study in Pharmacy go abroad". Till now this slogan remains constant in students mind. We are 32 students in our master of pharmacy batch. One of our friend already got scholarship in India at Jadavpur on "Pharmaceutical Technology" through a very competitive examination. Many of my friend preparing themselves to get scholarship abroad. 12 of our friends are doing jobs at renowned pharmaceuticals, two friends are involving in teaching profession. So, comparing with other courses pharmacy subject is more popular in Bangladesh, because of its high access to job field.

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Author: Mumita Meshkat


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hi mumitameshkat good to see a favorable condition for pharmacy in Bangladesh. the number of graduates in the field of pharmacy are increasing here in India too. It is good to hear that pharmacists are replacing chemistry in the industries. This really creates a professionalism. and I wish fast changes will come in India too for the better future of pharmacy. I used to have an opinion that in our Asian countries the pharmacy is not getting much recognition as it have in westren countries. but your blog made me to feel good that pharmacy is gaining importance in bangladesh. Good work and thank you for creating an awareness regarding the pharmacy profession in Bangladesh.
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Hello Shiva, India is a large country. Continuing their growth and surprising everyone in every sectors in the world. Pharma sector is one leading industry in India. We are also a big consumer of Indian Pharmaceutical raw materials, Pharmaceuticals machinery. Though there is another option like India is China. But I saw most Pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh prefer Indian raw materials than China. But Indian raw materials cost is also higher than the China. Large pharma industry means large quantity of Pharmacist employment. But we shouldn't avoid the contribution of the other discipline such as Chemist, Microbiologist, Biochemist, Engineers etc. Yes, you are right Pharmacist are replacing the Chemist as the available Pharmacist are now in the field. For that, employers also choosing the best fit. There is law by the Director General Of Drug Administration that is "THE DRUGS (CONTROL) ORDINANCE, 1982". The Law says Section 13. Employment of pharmacists. -- Subsection(i) No person shall manufacture any drug except under the personal supervision of a pharmacist registered in Register 'A' of the Pharmacy Council of Bangladesh. Now it is one "A" Grade Pharmacist needed for drug manufacturing, but it was 2 registered pharmacist before. When it was changed at that time pharmacists are too small in quantity. Chemist, Biochemist, Microbiologist done their demonstration to reduce the pharmacist quantity. In pressure Government changed this law. But there is difference between Singing Singing Singer and the Singer who knows Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. But employer choose pharmacists first over here. Some Chemists but they are few are doing well in Pharmaceuticals industry in QC lab. I don't have any negative attitude to chemist, but that's the real fact. I think you are right about the western recognition but it is also changing day by day when western pharmacist are interacting Asian Pharmacist. And it will change in long run. In America, Pharmacy study is 6 years Pharma D course. To attain their standard, Bangladeshi Universities are about to start Pharm D course.
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Hi Mumita, good to know your valuable information.
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I am very much honored that you have read these information. Thank you.

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