proud to be a pharmacist..!!!

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PHARMACIST-He is a health care professional who has acquired greatest importance in medical field.The field of medicine and health would have been incomplete without a pharmacist's role.

The role of a pharmacist in the present day society has acquired the greatest importance due to the main focus on community health care...(this is what people expect.)Hence being in the field of pharmacy makes me feel proud all the time. With this pride i m continuing my masters in industrial pharmacy in Long Island university,Newyork.. I feel great to say that my achievement in skills test 2011 is one of the reasons for my admission in such a reputed university.... thanks to this great platform.... I wish u all happy worlds pharmacists day I dedicate this blog to Bhagavan P S sir.he always inspires me through his blogs and words.. Thank you sir.

Regards. m.sandhyasravya


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