Counterfeit medicines and Duties of hospital pharmacists

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Counterfeit medicines and Duties of hospital pharmacists

Counterfeit medicines:

1.Counterfeit medicines are nothing but fake medicines that are prepared with an intention to make huge profits and deceptively representing its authenticity, efficacy and origin by deceiving people and truly damaging public's health.(1)

2.Counterfeit medicines are the pharmaceutical products that may not contain the ingredients that are mentioned on the containers, the ingredients present in these type of medications may be harmful ,they action of the medication varies within the body during the phase of absorption and it may also contain fake packaging and labeling.(2)

3.These medicines are mislabeled deliberately to deceive people and these medicines comes under the category of pharma fraud. They are illegal and are harmful to health.(2)

4.The counterfeit medicine may contain a wrong medication or right one(but not in required quantities), insufficient active ingredients or no active ingredient ,may contain adulterants, substituents , harmful additives, sometimes hazardous and completely misrepresented and they are sold with a fake (unoriginal brand name).The increase of the counterfeit drugs in the market is quite baffling and it accounts for 10% of the global market.(3)

5.Counterfeit medicines can be treated as the brain child for the people who really want to make huge profits for their fame at the cost of people's health.(3)

Hospital pharmacists:

1.The hospital pharmacists are the pharmacy technicians who are trained in clinical and community pharmacy aspects and they render their service to people and they are usually found in premises of hospitals. (4)

2.They have a major role in fighting against these counterfeit medicines. (4)

3.They must always keep an eye watch regarding the medicines and their transport .they must investigate all the aspects like labeling, packaging, ingredients by evaluating a sample from each batch. They must be very careful while delivering them to the pharmacies. If in case they find any illegal medicines they must immediately inform it to the higher authorities. (4)

4.They must be aware of these medicines and must create required awareness among the public .It is necessary
as a pharmacist to protect the public health and therefore they must conduct health campaigns and must elucidate the adverse effects of these counterfeit medicines and they must explain the signs of identifying the counterfeit medicines.

The 5 main duties of hospital pharmacists to get rid of counterfeit medicines are:

1.Always buy the medicines from a
reliable source so that the chance of being affected by these counterfeit medicines can be reduced.

2.If any one finds that any illegal activity is going on in your near by area such suspected cases must be reported to drug regulatory authorities. (5)

3.They must ensure traceability for better medication.

4.Sufficient campaigns andhealth education at patient levels.

5.Ensuring the safety of medicines that are provided to patients. (5)


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Dear sravya Good work. I felt really happy seeing Bhagavan sirs' blog. It is really great that your blog inspired him. As a teacher I felt immense happy about you and your performance. Nothing can make a teacher happy as much as students' success and the way you are participating is absolutely good. You have good interacting skills too and don't let them down. And always go in search of knowledge. You have good future ahead. I wish you all the very best and a great success ahead in every corner of your life.

Satyajit Panda Asst. professor Maharajah's College Of Pharmacy

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Thank you so much sir and even i too felt the same happiness on seeing Bhagavan sir's blog and off course your encouragement and cooperation makes me go ahead....
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hi sravya, Counterfeit medication is very sensitive issue shockingly it is not receiving the required effort to curb it. Also i have gone through Bhagavan sir's blog. His views and ideologies are appreciable. Great blog.

Sirisha Pingali

Viswanadha Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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Thank you so much and even i find bhagavan sir's blog very useful and my blog will be better understood after reading sir's blog !!! very nice one and thank you so much !!!
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Nice informative blog

Dr.S.Gunasakaran,MBBS,MD. Head - Clinical Research & Medical Affairs

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thank you so much
Sravani kompella's picture

Hello Sravya, I have not heard of this term Counterfiet medicines and i have to thank you for making us aware regarding this...and truely a hospital pharmacist has many roles to be played ..
Sandhya Sravya malla's picture

This is a platform which introduces new terms and topics to is always a learning center to all the students.Any ways thank you so much !!! pharma warriors
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good work dear nice presentation and you deserve the applause
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Ph. Bhagavan P S RPh's picture

Entire drugs management in the hospitals (India) - selection, specification, contract fixation, quantification for procurement and distribution and dispensing policy are under the strong control of the medical doctors or administrators. Pharmacist is only a watch man of the drugs godown and a dispensor on prescription. He cannot rise his voice on quality from staert to finish.

Best thing to do, merge pharmacy with medical curriculum and do away with pharmacist.

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India

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