Need of the Hour: Well Groomed Professionals

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The need of the hour is well groomed professionals, who can take the pharma industry of India to great heights.

Nowadays in colleges the focus is on getting good marks and getting a good G.P.A. No one guides us at the practicality of the knowledge that we are gaining. The course and the curriculum is so vast that we don't get time for industrial exposure.

For example: I have completed my second year, we got less than a month summer vacation, there is hardly any time for industrial training. But still I got into training in a testing laboratory. There what I have to do is totally different from what we are made to do in college. I am doing testing on actual samples of medicines by referring IP, BP and USP. But in college we have some tests stipulated in our course and we are made to do that. Before attending the training I had no idea about what happens in the real world.

A little more experience and a exposure to the industry can not only increase our knowledge but can make us more aware of the things going around us. Sitting in college, attending 9 to 5 lectures just exhausts our minds and we loose interest in wanting to know more about the outside world.

Less oppurtunity to explore the industries, lack of 24 hrs internet and lack of recreational activities in few colleges add to our reluctant behaviour.

10 years back the culture was different, though there were less facilities but still the students had an inner drive to excel, explore the world and gain knowledge. But today as the population is increasing, neck to neck competition is becoming a hurdle in front of many mediocre students. The mantra is ' if you want to succeed then become better than the best' .

Today we need to widen ourselves in terms of our knowledge and personality so that we can compete with the world and prove to be an asset to the people we are working for.

In my next blog I will discuss some of the steps we can take to become better than the best.

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Author: Meghna Datta


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Dear Meghna, I am in dialemma whether I should praise you for your frank opinion or I should scold you for such a negetive mindset. Lastly, whatever you wrote, I am 100% agree with you that today we need to widen ourselves in terms of knowledge and personality. but, the question arises how? e.g. if every facility is available with all literature anyone can do that thing, you are termed as skillful when you can able to do the same thing with available resources. so, it is better that you have limited resources because if you are near to river you never come to know how to get water in difficult conditions (because you never experience such condition) but if you will exposed to desert its a routine for you and you never remain thrusty at any point of globe ever in your life. Moral of the story: change in the attitude and way of looking towards the thing is required in the mind of oneself who wish to groom professionally as well as personally. You never disappoint in your life when you make yourself so busy that you will not get time to think about your disapointment (Meaning- don't waste your time in thinking bad side, do your work continously thats should only be your motto). Hardwork never waste it reflects. Regards,
Meghna Datta's picture

I completely agree with you. What I want to say is that we should groom ourselves to the fullest, and prepare ourselves to be fit to face the world.i will be discussing more on that in my next blog. But thank you for you positive comments, and I agree that we should have a positive attitude towards every situation we face in our lives. Meghna Team Wisdom
Santosh kumar. JH's picture

Dear Meghna... Do you mean to say that our present couse circullum is not upto the needs of Industrial requirements??. I repeatedly, hear from my professors that our B.Pharm circullum is more of an industrial oriented cource with basic fundamental training needed for an industry with additional 1 or 2 Months training in Industry for an Industrial exposure; with an well balanced theory and practical hours. Would you like to have an renovation in the course structure??
Meghna Datta's picture

I think the curriculum in any course and college should be able to bring out the overall development in an individual. This is what will make him/ her stand apart from others. Meghna Team Wisdom
Arun Abraham's picture

Dear Meghna, It is nice to see that you have raised this point. This is not an issue that you have faced alone. In our country, which has only been oriented to production and marketing, pharmacy practice came only 10 years back and more recently Pharm D. The profession of pharmacy is slowly limping into the lime-light of health care from production and marketing which has been happening from the last 60 years. However this will take time. The issue faced by students throughout the country, is a curriculum that has to be addressed (to become a pharmacist) with no opportunity for the students to develop other capabilities in terms of written and oral communication related to the subjects that they learn. Similarly, the faculty that teaches all the subjects cannot be the best in all colleges throughout the country. This gives the students no opportunity to interact only with the best faculty members. The industry-faculty/college partnerships also don't exist in all the colleges except for some, which ensures that the students get first-hand information on the latest happenings in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The solution to this problem can come in the form of a system that supports the synergy between Industry and university/colleges. A team of people are currently working on a system like this. Once activated, all students/colleges/universities will have access to the system. In the mean time, please let us know what are the solutions to the problems that you brought up, such that people working on such systems can also incorporate your views and concerns while they are developing it. They may even ask you to help out during the development phase.... Arun Abraham M.Pharm, MBA, (PhD)

Arun Abraham M.Pharm,MBA,(PhD) Chief Learning Officer Leads Health Bangalore.

Meghna Datta's picture

The students should try to keep them updated with the latest happennings in every sphere of life and the best medium will be the Internet. they should groom themselves in a way so that they can cope up with expectations of the industry. teachers can help the students in such a situation by guiding them through the right path. Meghna Team Wisdom
Eswar GsnkRao's picture

Dear Meghna Students thinking in this way will build up our profession still perfectly! I appreciate your courage to share your views and make us respond... What you said is right to major extent, these days we have various problems to be solved: 1) Curriculum:- Every one says it has to be revised but no one in that cadre keep their time.... Its funny. However we may not blame the complete pattern, I think just 10% change is necessary where there should be a linking pattern between the theory and real practicality. 2) Lack of time and continuous lectures:- Yes to complete the syllabi its too hard to skip atleast 1 hour class also. And its the way where a teacher should play a key role. The class should not be like a seminar simply reading the data in books, the class should be like viewing a movie, i mean teacher should make the class a lovely media for learning and exchange of knowledge. The class should attract a student, students should wait for a teacher... like that the class should be... 3) Industry work is different from Academic work:- Yes it is right, because academics is not only for industry! And to understand the industry oriented work, academics should help us. Even in your blog, u told that u referred IP, BP, USP, how u got the knowledge of referring them, yes u gained in academics. And that skill again builds in a student only with a good teacher. Simply asking the students to follow a fixed old record is not useful, we should give them a chance to know from where the original specifications should be learned and how to get them. Even how to frame a practical should be learned b a student. 4) CGPA of students:- Do U know what A good teacher will surely says to a student - "Don't bother about marks, first concentrate on concept and knowledge then automatically marks will come. Don't read only for marks then u wont lead your way in society.....". 5) Lack of facilities:- Never think about what we don't have, just think about what we have and how we can optimally utilize them. That nature will bring u lot of scope to learn and update uself. Here Managements should have morals of building the Nation with the students (plus knowledge). And our authorities should be strict. 6) Even we, teachers, work hard after returning to home for next days schedule, how to make students feel better with our class, how to simplify a topic.... For which we plan framing Quiz after some topics, framing charts, writing shortcut points, flowcharts, all these are to finally make the students learn core and essence of Pharmacy subjects.... If I go on saying like this, there is a lot of scope to discuss.... Let me conclude my words, "Be the one who act as an ideal student for all"... GOOD LUCK


ESWAR :-) 

Rahul Chib's picture

I agree with you,, because in our college students are more into mugging things rather then understanding it and thinking about its practical implementation. And yes curriculam should also be revised and more stress should be given to practical knowledge...

Rahul chib Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research.

Yogesh Talekar's picture

Dear Meghna, I am not agree with your blog. As you said, college curriculum is lacking, I don't think so. Because many authorities are monitoring that called Board of Studies (B.O.S)& Govt. authorities like UGC, AICTE etc. & they are revising that after a tenure of small duration. & about your, more specifically our college (as I am also from that institute) our syllabus are framed according to the present need & you must know in our B.O.S, industry people are also involved to make it suitable for current need. About practical handling...the modules are designed by referring Pharmacopoeias as you're doing in industry, so try to explore things within there instead of complaining. Hope to see realistic things here after. Regards Yogesh

yogesh talekar research scholar M-pharma.

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