Top 10 Pharmaceutical Marketing & Sales Blogs 2014

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Review of  Top 10 Marketing blogs and websites  related to pharmaceuticals in 2014


A lot of interesting incidents occur every day in Pharmaceuticals industry; new drugs are discovered and marketed to deliver better health, new studies are being conducted on a regular basis, pharmaceutical companies are being acquired by another pharmaceutical giants, and much more. Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales Blogs are a great way to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmaceutical Marketing and Sales blogs are not only informative, but they also help you get a clear picture of events taking place in the pharmaceutical industry. In this post, we will share the top 10 pharmaceutical marketing and sales blog that are must read for every pharma professional and those who are interested in seeking the insights of pharmaceutical industry professionals.


This is the most popular pharmaceutical sales and marketing blog that focuses entirely on the world of medicines as well as manufacturers of drugs that continuously attempt to stock up their pipelines while tackling with the regulations and pricing dictates. Ed Silverman is the editor of Pharmalot. Ed Silverman is a renowned journalist who has been covering the pharmaceutical industry for almost two decades. To visit this unique blog click here.

Pharma Marketing Blog:

This is one of the most informative blogs that is must read for insiders. John Mack, the marketing pundit and accomplished blogger, popularly known as the pharmaguy, is the editor and publisher of Pharma Marketing Blog. This blog was founded by John Mack in the year 2005 and since then it has highly been appreciated by reputable publications such as Wall Street Journal, MedAdNews, etc. Pharma Marketing Blog emphasizes on important topics related to the marketing issues of pharmaceutical industry. PharmaGuy has 19.5k followers on Twitter. Click here to visit this blog.


This is yet another popular blog that has been accepted as a useful source of important news and opinion about issues of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. PharmaGossip blog regularly publishes informative stories on pharmaceutical industry. Recently, it also offered its opinion in a research paper that has been published in European Journal of Clinical Investigation. This blog has gained wide popularity on Twitter with almost 9400 followers. To visit this blog, click here.

Drug Channels:

This is another highly admired blog published by Dr. Adam J. Fein. This blog was created by Dr. Fein in the year 2006 to assist countless readers in understanding the system of drug distribution and pharmaceutical economics. This blog focuses on sensible analysis of the latest healthcare trends besides offering useful opinions related to the healthcare industry. Drug Channels id a useful source for readers to get a glimpse of healthcare policies, reforms, evolution of pharmaceutical industry, latest trends, reimbursements, legal facets of pharmaceutical supply chain, and much more. The unique content of this blog attracts large number of readers almost every day. Click here to visit this blog.

Drug and Device Law:

This is another useful pharmaceutical marketing blog. Drug and Device features the personal opinion of the editorial team along with guest posts by authors on various subject matters related to pharmaceutical products and their liability proceedings. This blog has a great fan following and is visited by countless readers regularly. Click here to visit this blog.

In Vivo:

This blog provides its readers with the latest information on research, business development, sales and marketing strategies, policies taking place in biopharmaceutical industry. You will certainly enjoy this informative and comprehensive blog that keeps you apprised about what happens in the pharmaceutical world. Click here to visit his blog.

Pharma Conduct:

This is another enlightening blog that tracks the developments taking place in healthcare business in general and pharmaceuticals industry in particular. Dr. Eric Milgram is the key writer of this blog. Dr. Milgram has over 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Pharm Conduct is more of an analytical blog that focuses on the current events with a critical standpoint. However, this blog is accessible only to invited readers.

Drug Discovery Opinion:

This informative and accessible blog created in the year 2008, is highly informative for people related to the pharmaceutical industry. This unique blog is heavily packed with useful information and critical evaluation of various methodological issues such as SAR analysis, SAR advice, target evaluation, portfolio prioritisation, etc., that have remarkable implications in the discovery of drugs, their effectiveness and their marketability. Drug Discovery Opinion is known for offering assistance in medical chemistry to both academic scientists and commercial scientists. Click here to visit this blog.

Pharma Strategy Blog:

This is another great pharmaceutical marketing blog published by Sally Church, an experienced and talented writer whose knowledge and expertise reflects in her writing. This blog provides readers with insider knowledge about pharmaceuticals industry. Click here to visit this blog.

In the Pipeline:

This pharmaceutical blog is published by Derek Lowe, a chemistry blogger. He has almost 20 years of experience in medicinal chemistry. This blog mainly focuses on drug discovery besides focusing on the pharmaceuticals industry in general. Click here to visit this unique blog.
These are the top 10 pharmaceutical marketing and sales blogs that attract lot of online traffic per month.
If you want to keep yourself informed about the latest advancements in pharmaceuticals sectors, you must certainly subscribe to these blogs edited and published by the pharmaceuticals industry's top brass.


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