Homoeopathic Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

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After discussing the conventional, herbal and home remedies for post nasal drip, in this article I will discuss about the various homoeopathic remedies for post nasal drip.

Homoeopathic treatment is very effective in relieving the symptoms of post nasal drip.

Remedies in homoeopathy are selected on an individual basis and are usually not prescribed for a specific disease. What follows now is a symptomatic description of the various homoeopathic remedies that are useful in the treatment of post nasal drip.

Some of the most useful treatment remedies for post nasal drip are:
Kali bichromicum
Natrum muriaticum
Natrum carbonicum
Hepar Sulph

The description of some of the important remedies is as follows:


If capsicum is the remedy then your symptoms are associated with a feeling of constriction in the posterior nares. You may also feel a sensation of burning and smarting as from cayenne pepper in throat and other parts; and the usual amelioration of symptoms by sipping warm drinks is absent. Physically you may feel exhausted and dreads any kind of exercise; you may want to lie down and sleep.

If your symptoms do not match with those produced by the homoeopathic remedy "Capsicum" then yours may match with any of the others mentioned below.

Kali bichromicum:

If kali bichromicum is your remedy, then you may present with pain in the area of the root of the nose. The discharge from your post nasal drip is typically tough, ropy, stringy, green, and is very sticky and adheres to the parts and can be drawn into long strings. You may also develop ulceration of the nasal septum and there is bloody nasal discharge. Your symptoms of post nasal drip are prone to occur in hot summer weather.

If "Kali bichromicum is also not your remedy, then look out for the symptoms of "Phytolacca".


If your remedy is phytolacca, then you will suffer from shooting pains in the throat and ears, especially on swallowing. There is a sensation of burning as from a coal of fire or a red-hot iron at the back of the throat. You may also feel a constant sensation of a lump in the throat with continuous desire to swallow it. As with capsicum the symptoms of your post nasal drip are not relieved by drinking hot fluids, instead you may not be able to drink hot fluids.

You may have to read multiple remedies before selecting the one suitable for you, hence, if phytolacca is not your remedy, then don't get disheartened as there are more remedies to come.

Natrum muriaticum:

If you are a natrum muriaticum patient, you may be suffering from a chronic post nasal drip and have a great liability to catch cold. You may suffer from frequent headaches, especially left sided that are made worse by sun's heat. Your discharge from post nasal drip is watery and white in color. You are irritated and weep easily but want to be left alone. All of your symptoms are aggravated in the sun and at 10 or 11 am.

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