Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

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Home Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

Have you ever suffered from the annoying problem of mucus dripping down through the back of your throat that you have to clear repeatedly ?

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What is Post Nasal Drip ?

Natural home remedies

Post nasal drip , as it is commonly called, is a very frequent occurrence that occurs due to the over production of nasal mucus secretion caused either due to an allergic reaction or infection.

Post nasal drip is a very irritating and uncomfortable situation to deal with. However, there are various natural home remedies available, which you can use to alleviate post nasal drip before it becomes severe enough to warrant a consultation with your physician.

Common natural home remedies to relieve post nasal drip

Drink plenty of water:

Keeping yourself hydrated is very important to flush out the infection or subdue the allergic inflammation. It is recommended to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water every day. Warm liquids such as tea, chicken soup or broth can also be taken to soothe the inflammation in your throat.

Use humidifiers:

Using humidifiers inside your home and office are also helpful in reducing the symptoms of post nasal drip. If your symptoms are specifically aggravated during nite, then sleeping with a humidifier can definitely relieve the symptoms of irritation, coughing and blocked nose caused due to post nasal drip.

Ginger-a great herbal remedy:

Ginger is one of the most important natural remedy that is used to relieve the symptoms of post nasal drip. Moreover, it is easily available in our homes, which makes it an inevitable choice to treat the symptoms. Ginger can be used to prepare a concoction by grating it and boiling in water. You can then sip the water slowly to soothe the irritation and inflammation of throat. A piece of ginger can also be chewed like a candy for a similar effect.

Remove the mucus:

Another natural remedy that works effectively is removing the excess mucus by blowing it. You should follow a correct method to blow your nose, which is to open your mouth while blowing mucus out of your nose. This helps in the prevention of ear damage that may occur due to increased pressure.

Irrigate the nasal passages:

Using saline nasal sprays to irrigate the nasal passages is also effective in alleviating the symptoms of post nasal drip by not only thinning the mucus but also by washing away the infection. Gargling with warm saline water is also a recommended natural remedy.

Nose Irrigation Tips : Salt Water Preparation And Devices to use in nose

Nose Irrigation :Using Nati pot


Vitamins and supplements:

Increasing the intake of certain vitamins and supplements is also helpful. You should take more of Vitamin C as it helps in healing and make the duration of discomfort shorter. Either take it as a supplement or eat more of citrus fruits that are rich in vitamin C such as oranges and lemon.

Avoid foods and conditions that irritate and aggravate post nasal drip:

Cold and spicy foods should be avoided as they increase the production of mucus thereby increasing your symptoms of post nasal drip. Avoid cold environments and be aware of the allergens that are responsible for your symptoms such as smoke and smog.

Massage pressure points located on the nose:

Massaging the nasal pressure points on the side of the nose in repeated circular motion is also a helpful technique to relieve post nasal drip.

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Author: Dr Ritu Goel

I am a homoeopathic physician and a nutritionist. I have been working since last 14 years in the healthcare industry. I started my career as a practicing physician and simultaneously also contributed articles to various homoeopathic magazines and health websites. Then I joined GE capital as an Insurance Underwriter and worked there for nine years. However, my penchant for health and fitness writing continued and finally, I bade good bye to my lucrative corporate career and started as a freelance writer.


Ph. Bhagavan P S RPh's picture

Thank you. I have this problem since over a year. I have done more than what you have suggested. I can release it from the walls to spit only by few sips of liquid. But the relief is temporary and occurs repeatedly. ENT specialist say it is due to allergy and since my food is quite simple I am unable to find the culprit. Anyway, it is a good topic. thank you

Bhagavan P.S. B Pharm

Rtd. Dy Dir.(Pharmacy),Govt of Karnataka, India
Dr Ritu Goel's picture

Hello Bhagavan, Allergic Post Nasal drip is hard to treat and can be a real nuisance. However, if you are not getting permanent relief from simple home remedies, you can try other alternative therapies such as homoeopathy. One of my future articles in the coming weeks will focus on homoeopathic medicines for post nasal drip. I hope you will find that useful. Thanks Ritu
Suhail Karumbil's picture

Thank you doctor , I'm also suffering by this difficulty and I used to practise most of the method you explained , so I had temporary cure , while i blow my nose i used to keep closed my mouth so thats why i felt pain on ear .but now i done as you said its working


Dr Ritu Goel's picture

Hello Suhail, I am very glad that after reading my article you could use the correct method to blow your nose and found it working as well. I hope all my future articles and blogs would be as useful to you as this one. Thanks Ritu
A.R.Khan's picture

Welcome a board Dr Ritu Goel . Thanks for sharing in simple format. I personally like washing my nose using salt dissolved in warm water . It helps me a lot during allergy seasons . Simple but effective. I like videos in your presentation . They are handy in understanding the topic. Hope to learn more from you .
Dr Ritu Goel's picture

Hello Khan, Thanks for welcoming me on board and your encouraging words. I am glad that you find the article interesting and helpful. I hope you will find all my future articles and blogs as interesting and helpful as you found this one. Thanks Ritu

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