Angular Cheilitis : Natural and Home Remedies

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Natural and Home Remedies for Angular Cheilitis

Although angular cheilitis condition may not cause severe pain however one can experience psychological distress during social activities.The sufferer may find difficulty in eating, smiling, interacting with people, and emotional distress due to the prominent appearance of cracked lips.

In most of the cases, the condition heals on applying natural applicants like honey, moisturizing lip balm, coconut oil application and so on.

People presenting with serious symptoms like recurrent dryness, inflammation, peeling, cracking, and lesions could find a possible solution with natural home remedies.

Natural and Home Remedies

In most of the cases, people suffering from angular cheilitis may not find an effective solution despite using over the counter medications like topical antifungal and anti-bacterial ointments. The condition could temporarily subside and may recur after some time despite using these medications. These patients could find natural home remedies to be helpful. In addition, apart from following home remedies, one should consume a diet rich in nutrients, B-2 vitamin (riboflavin) and minerals. Alternately, diet supplements can also be taken to replace the body nutrients.

Read on to know these simple and effective home remedies for angular cheilitis. Although, the home remedies for angular cheilitis may not provide a permanent cure for the condition however, they hasten the healing process and provide relief. The following are some of the highly recommended home remedies for angular cheilitis that could be helpful if you are suffering from the condition:

For Soreness:

The soreness associated with angular cheilitis can be alleviated by the application of cucumber slice over the affected area. It hydrates and relaxes when gently rubbed on the dry area. Alternately, one can apply natural aloe-vera plant extract over the affected skin as it can effectively relieve the pain associated with the condition.

For Painful Slits

The painful slits present at the corners of the lips can be effectively treated by the application of a custom home-made mixture containing about 1 tablespoonful of Vitamin E oil, 2 tablespoonsful of Tea Tree Oil, and 1/2 tablespoon of Vaseline. This mixture should be applied over the cracked area for at least 4 to 5 times daily. One should use this home remedy in combination with vitamin B supplements and mineral supplements at a frequency of twice per day. This combination therapy can hasten the healing process of slits around the lip corners within a short duration of just 3 days.

For infection

Application of lemon over the infected area improves the condition. Alternatively, one could an over the counter antibacterial dishwashing soap. One should first soak the lips in a bowl containing warm water for 1 minute to open up the lesions and to soften the infected tissue. Then, one should wash hands with an antibacterial soap and apply a small pea size of it over the index finger. Each of the moist lip corners should then be gently washed for 1 minute or until it lathers in order to open up the lesions. The lather should be left on lips for some time and hands must be washed thoroughly with hot water to ensure that they are free from fungus or bacteria.

The infected area should be properly washed with hot water and the hands should be rewashed to get rid of bacteria. Lip corners and mouth area should be thoroughly dabbed with clean tissues until the tightness of lips is felt which ensures the area is free from bacteria. Then, a petroleum jelly or Vaseline should be applied to the lips to block the area from air contact thus preventing the bacterial growth. The area should be wiped after 2 hours with some tissues and the process should be repeated to hasten the healing process.

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