Happy Republic Day

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Happy Republic Day

I hope that each one will be celebrating the day with patriotism and enthusiasm. This day reminds us of the fact that we are the largest democracy of the world, we have a constitution that provides us rights and we have freedom in a free state.

But looking at the current scenario, it seems much of a celebration for a day, just like celebrating so many days..

The real spirit of integrity and patriotism seems missing from the mind of people. Some enjoy it like a holiday, some even don't know whether it is Republic day or Independence day, the year when we become Republic or Independent; Isn't it surprising!

Talking about the pride of the National flag, why is it so that when we walk on the streets tomorrow we find the paper/plastic flags lying on roads, dustbin; Is this how we respect our flag? Does the value of the tricolour end with the end of that day?

When we talk of respect for the national anthem I need not give examples of people showing disrespect, they have been widely know to us. But is it not our responsibility to respect the anthem which makes us proud?

The real celebration will be when each one of us becomes aware of the importance of these celebrations and celebrate them as national festivals. The real value for the tricoulour will be when we respect it and care for it.

I would like to share a incidence which I saw some time back, I was passing by a school in a town during morning hours. It was prayer time and everybody was rushing to enter the campus. Once the national anthem started each one of the students and passerby stood at the place he/she was and did not move till completion of the anthem, to mention specially even the students who were in middle of the road did not hesitate to stand where he/she was. It was a moment that reminds me of respect and discipline one should have for the national anthem.

I hope that each reader of this blog will carry the message in his/her mind and respect the national flag, anthem and celebrate the national festival with patriotic spirit.


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Eswar GsnkRao's picture

It's a long time seeing you back over here. That's a great new start up and Happy Republic Day dear. Rightly narrated the scenario and made us stick reading your words. Keep driving the new bees with spirit. In our campus too the celebrations went on peacefully... http://www.pharmainfo.net/og/rcp/republic-day-celebrations-rcp


ESWAR :-) 

SS Md Shafi's picture

Dear sir...... same to you.

shafi ..

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