It's a great surprise!!!

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It's a great surprise!!!
From the starting of the month November, as everybody else I am also thinking and very anxiously waiting for the results of the SKILLS TEST 2010 ( As the national pharmacy week celebration began in my college, I got completely into it and did not even think about this results. I heard that my team guide Professor Vijaya Ratna mam is coming as our chief guest on the valedictory function, I am very much happy about it. The program has begun on 27 Nov 2010 every think has almost came to an end. But then Koti esware sir suddenly starting talking about SKILLS TEST 2010 and announced that our team Adharvana has own first prize in it. Its some thing out of bloom and we are ( Mam and myself ) we were utterly surprised and could not believe what is happen.

Then Koti esware sir requested our college principal to hand over the Brand new laptop to our Guide Professor Vijaya ratna mam.

Skills Test 2010 Winner

Then our guest of honour the Principal of Raghu Institute of Technology handed over my certificate and exalted us.

Kranthi,Skills Test 2010 Winner

So, its one of the most memorable day in my student life. Each of our team members are awarded with 1,500 rupees from and our Guide Professor Vijaya ratna mam presented each of us with a wonderful transcend MP3 players. Definitely these are most overwhelming moments in our life.
I am happy to know SENTINEL won second prize in this SKILLS TEST 2010. And I personally congratulate every winner as well as all the participants in this SKILLS TEST 2010. If not every one has show such a active participation, it would be so dull and may not be as successful as this one. I appreciate each one for their work.
I show my deep respect to my Guide Professor Vijaya Ratnam mam, who is been so patient with us, cared about us and guide us at each step. I am so much thankful to her for her love and affection. As well as my friends Santosh and Niklesh who help me a lot in this SKILL TEST and played their role so faithfully and consistently, I appreciate their work and I wish God's best to fill their lifes.
I am so much thankful to for providing us such a great platform by conducting competitions like this and encouraging the students to bring up their talents. I can say with boldness that is playing a key role in transforming the life's of many young budding pharmacist !!!


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congratulation and all the best China CPU Challengers team member

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