Content Development Specialist (35502)

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Content Development Specialist Roles & Responsibilities Overall Role The Content Development Specialist is responsible for the design and execution of content strategy roadmaps for Bioscience franchises. The specialist is responsible for creating, gathering, and editing scientific and marketing content and brand-focused messaging in connection with Product Management, R&D, and external scientists in accordance with the content strategy. The specialist is expected to be aware of scientific/technology trends and facilitate information transfer. Technical content covers a range of scientific technologies, (such as molecular biology, protein research, cellular analysis and drug discovery) as well as covering research focus areas, including cell signaling, epigenetics, cancer, inflammation, and neuroscience. The position can be based in Temecula, San Francisco bay, Seattle or Boston. Responsibilities Design & execute content strategy roadmap for franchises & products supporting Bioscience as directed by Content Manager. Technical / copy writing for all marcom tactics supporting Franchises for multi-channel use and having predictable content ready for distribution and fit for channel purpose supporting promotional campaign activities. Write scientific narratives from data obtained by applications development scientists and product validation scientists. Editing and proofreading content to assure scientific relevancy and accuracy supporting franchises/products in franchises/campaigns. Attending tradeshow and other events supporting employee to stay abreast of current scientific challenges relevant to Bioscience’s customer base and to seek out Thought Leadership, develop/maintain KOL relationships, and engage in science conversations. Based on prior knowledge, Tradeshow and event activity, consult with marketing and campaign management on relevant science topics for content strategy execution. Willing to advise stakeholders and Marcom partners on science topics applicable to our franchises/products in an effort to align promotional strategy and focus. Participate in promotional creative think tank meetings in an effort to support new product messaging and positioning partnering w/ campaign leads When requested by Content Manager, give workshop presentations at Trade Shows in partnership with Sales and Marketing in an effort to bring scientific credibility to the discussion. When requested by the Commercial Areas and approved by Content Manager, provide support and guidance in an effort to aid with product positioning, sales training and beyond. When requested by the Content Manager, attend and participate in business category and/or technology summits. Requirements BS/BA Degree in life science, PhD preferred At least 3 years prior experience in the academic /pharma research development environment. At least 2 years copy writing & technical writing expertise. Copy editing expertise with strong language skills. Ability to take complex medical/scientific topics and communicate them in a clear and concise manner, using the appropriate “voice” for both academia and biopharma industries Critical thinking and Creative thinking skills Ability to work with junior/equivalent colleagues and communicate with the scientific community and management. Strong project management and organizational skills, results and detail oriented. Ability to understand and follow standard operating procedures. Ability to handle and prioritize multiple tasks simultaneously focused on on-time delivery. Ability to work in a highly collaborative fashion.
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Information Technology (IT)

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