Homoeopathic Remedies for Hypertrichosis

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Hypertrichosis or excessive hair growth can be a frustrating and depressing condition especially for females. If you are also suffering from this condition, then homoeopathy can come to your rescue in the form of certain remedies that produce the same symptom. Let us describe some of these remedies in this article.

Petrus Gonsalvus : the first recorded case of hypertrichosis

Some of the remedies you can use to treat the occurrence of excessive hair growth are:

Oleum Jecoris Aselli

Thuja Occidentalis




Natrum Muriaticum


The symptomatic description of some of these remedies is as follows:

Oleum Jecoris Aselli: Oleum Jecoris is a remedy that is especially suited to children who develop hair growth on their faces. Hence, if you are a parent of such a child then this remedy is for your baby. Apart from the unusual hair growth, the infant is also dwarfish, emaciated and atrophied with heat and burning in palms and head.

If the symptoms you are looking out for are not similar to those of Oleum Jecoris, you need not worry as the next remedy described may be for you.

Thuja Occidentalis: If Thuja Occidentalis is your remedy for hypertrichosis, then you will have excessive hair growth on odd parts of your body, i.e. on parts that usually do not have any hair growth. Apart from the hair growth you also have tendency to develop large warts on your skin. Also your skin looks dirty and covered with brownish spots. You may develop anal fissures and warts surrounding the anal opening. When we talk of the psychological symptoms you may develop certain fixed ideas such as there is something alive in your abdomen or as if an animal is crying inside your stomach, or you may feel that your limbs were made of glass and that they would easily break.

If your symptoms do not match with that of Thuja Occidentalis, then you can match them with the next remedy Thyroidinum.

Thyroidinum: If Thyroidinum is your remedy, then you will have excessive hair growth all over your body. You may have either excessive obesity or emaciation. You are very sensitive to cold, feel weak and easily fatigued with weak pulse and tendency to fainting easily. You may also develop cold hands and feet, palpitation, low blood pressure and chilliness. Apart from these symptoms you crave large amounts of sweets.

If Thyroidinum is not your remedy, then you may find your remedy in the one described below, i.e. Medorrhinum.

Medorrhinum: If Medorrhinum is your remedy, then the excessive hair growth is all over your body. Apart from the excessive hair growth you may also suffer from various chronic diseases such as gout, chronic salpingitis, fibroids, diseases of the spinal cord etc. You have weak memory and cannot remember names even of your most intimate friends. You tend to do things in a hurry that causes fatigue. Your legs and feet tend to be restless and fidgety. Moreover, you have intense burning of hands and feet and you want them covered and fanned constantly.

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