Homoeopathic remedies for Angular Cheilitis

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Are you suffering from the painful condition of angular cheilitis? Have you tried various conventional treatment options for your condition with no relief? Don't despair as in this article I am going to discuss various homoeopathic remedies that can be used to treat the condition.

Some of the remedies that you can use to treat the symptoms of Angular Cheilitis are:


Natrum Muriaticum



Nitric Acid

Sulphuric Acid

Let me now describe the symptoms of some of these remedies:

Graphites: If your remedy is Graphites, then you may be an obese female approaching menopause who suffer from chronic constipation and delayed menstrual cycles. You have a tendency to suppuration of every little injury of skin. Apart from the lesions of angular cheilitis you may also develop eruptions behind the ears, between fingers and toes and various part of the body. The characteristic of these lesions is the oozing of a watery, transparent, and sticky fluid.

If your symptoms are not similar to Graphites, then you may find your treatment in the next remedy in line, i.e. Natrum Muriaticum.

Natrum Muriaticum: If Natrum Muriaticum is your remedy then you tend to be thin and emaciated instead of eating well. You may develop anemia from the loss of body fluids may it be from menstrual blood or from seminal losses. You are very much prone to take on cold and get ill. Mentally you are irritable with marked tendency to weep, and do not like others consoling you. You may desire to eat salty things and all your complaints are worse at around 10 or 11 am and at the seashore.

If your symptoms are not similar to that of Natrum Muriaticum, you may find your remedy in Petroleum.

Petroleum: If your remedy is Petroleum then you tend to be an irritable and quarrelsome person who is easily offended on trifles. Your skin is extremely sensitive, and even wearing clothes is painful. You have a tendency to develop suppuration of every little injury on your skin. Your skin is also rough, cracked and fissured, including the angles of the mouth and the skin of tips of fingers. Moreover, your skin symptoms tend to aggravate in cold weather, during a thunderstorm and also while riding in a carriage.

If you could not your remedy in Petroleum then, the next remedy Nitric Acid may be right for your symptoms.

Nitric Acid: If Nitric Acid is the remedy for your symptoms then you tend to be thin and dark complexioned. You have tendency to develop fissures not only on the corners of your mouth but also in rectum. These fissures are very painful and the characteristic of the pain is that it is sticking, pricking as if coming from splinters. You may develop ulcers in the corners of your mouth that have tendency to bleed easily especially after contact. The ulcers have irregular and zig-zag edges and are painful with sticking and pricking pain as if from

splinters in the ulcers.

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